Stade Rennais LIVE: The Marseillais are gradually suffocating the Bretons… Follow the meeting with us

79th : Loss of Veretout at the entrance to the surface, which offers a gift to Doku. But the attacker ignites on his strike and does not fit! Lucky for the midfielder!

77th : Hand from Payet on recovery, but the number 10 is happy to send a coiled ball to the bottom of Mandanda’s goal.

75th : Exit of Bourigeaud, not very happy, for Doku.

72nd : Double change at OM. Exit of Guendouzi, applauded, for Payet. And Under replaces Amine Harit.

71st : Complicated entry from Sulemana who has already taken a yellow card and has a series of bad passes.

69th: Another strike from Sanchez blocked by the defense!

67th : And yellow for Sulemana for a nasty blow on Veretout. The Rennais are gradually cracking…

64th : Mr. Bastien stops the game when two Rennais collided in an aerial duel. The Marseillais had a great opportunity, however, and it drives Guendouzi crazy!

61st : Yellow for Nuno Tavares for a sole on the incoming Majer. It must sting, he remains on the ground for a long time.

60th : Release of Gouiri for Sulemana and Doué for Majer in Rennes!

59th : 62,753 spectators this afternoon at the Vélodrome, including 150 Bretons.

56th : And a shot from the left this time for Tavares. Small fillet. The Rennais no longer see the light of day!

54th : The men of Tudor put much more rhythm, and impact! It has the merit of waking up the Vélodrome on this Sunday afternoon!

53rd : This candle of Veretout for no one, while the Marseillais had just recovered the ball!

52nd: Guendouzi with a header!!! The OM midfielder is there to cut the corner and deceives Mandanda. We have our answer!

50th : The Marseillais came back with a little more ambition. We’ll see if they can come back to score!

49th: Sanchez not far from equalizing! He takes over a good low cross from Harit, but he is countered in extremis!

46th : And a missed cross for Clauss. It had to be replaced at half-time, it is carbon!

45th: It’s back to the Vélodrome stadium. No change on the OM side despite this poor first half!

45+1 : Go it’s the break at the Vélodrome, the OM players return to the locker room under a few whistles!

45th : It makes you wonder if Mr. Bastien has not forgotten his whistle, this time on a foul on Clauss. And earlier on an obstruction from Kolasinac on Doué.

45th : 1 minute of additional time

43rd : OM players are eaten in the duels. They are very far from being at the level.

41st : The Bretons are very well in place defensively and prickly in their attacks!

39th : Clauss, it’s a sketch on this Sunday afternoon. He misses everything, or almost!

37th : Impeccable Mandanda in his aerial shots. At the same time it looks more like gifts than centres!

35th : And Clauss who does not push the ball well when he could bring the danger on the right side. The Marseillais are too slow and lack initiative!

30th : Harit is good in his ball shots but we have hardly seen him since the start of the match. He was at the origin of the occasion on the strike of Guendouzi!

28th: ​​It’s nonsense on the OM side. Clauss misses his handover to his central defender and Gouiri finds himself alone against Lopez. Who saves his team!

24th: Opening of the score for Rennes, with a pretty gag goal! Traoré crosses, Guendouzi deflects it on Pau Lopez who puts the ball in his own cage. Unbelievable !

23′: Nuno Tavares leads a good counterattack… But he doesn’t have enough options in front of him, and fires a shot. Mandanda pushes back as best he can!

21st : Alexis Sanchez, very restless but little served, harangues his teammates!

19th : Warning from Mr. Bastien for Doué, after a foul on Guendouzi.

18th : Clauss takes a lot on his right lane, he gets passed every time.

16th: La Frappasse by Nuno Tavares, from the right, but it misses the point. Good initiative !

14th : Possession is slightly in favor of the Rennais, but the Marseillais especially struggle to combine well. It lacks speed and they are hampered by the rather high pressing of Genesio’s men.

12th: Pau Lopez’s reflex parade! He fends off a header from Rodon, who had cut the corner perfectly.

10th : Already the 3rd corner in favor of the Bretons!

7th: Oh no, Guendouzi misses his shot and sends it over Mandanda’s goal. Very nice movement on the left side at the start with a good center back from Kolasinac.

4th : Strike of Truffert, easily picked up by Lopez.

3rd : Tudor’s players don’t look on their plate and are already missing a lot of easy passes. A bit like against Frankfurt. And we know the result…

1st: And Theate’s header from the corner. It’s close to Lopez’s crossbar!

1st : Already a first deflection for a corner from Balerdi. The Olympian defense does not reassure…

1st: Let’s go, kick-off given by the Rennais!

2:58 p.m. : The Vélodrome stadium observes a minute of applause in tribute to Yves, or Ayo, member of the South Winners who died this week.

2:58 p.m. : Big atmosphere at the Vélodrome stadium on this Sunday afternoon.

2:56 p.m. : The players enter the pitch!

2:48 p.m. : And that of the Stade Rennais. Mandanda and Gouiri are holders!

2:44 p.m. : Come on, let’s move on to the composition of OM. Marseilles diminished in defense, with Payet on the bench, and Bamba Dieng still in the stands …

2:41 p.m. : First news this afternoon, Steve Mandanda, OM’s iconic goalkeeper, received a warm ovation during his warm-up for his return to the Vélodrome. The people of Marseille do not forget.

2:37 p.m. : That’s it, we’re in place from the Vélodrome stadium, under a bright sun, to make you live this good moment of football!

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