Standardize technology | Morocco today

The positive contribution of technology and digital to improving aspects of daily life is well established.

Public services, paperwork, control, administrative procedures, education and training, purchasing, business, procedures for companies, almost everything can be done remotely with, in addition, reliability and, above all, integrity. This last aspect is moreover one of the most decisive parameters because with the reduction to the minimum possible of the human intervention in the processes, it is the reduction, among other things, of the risks of corruption and alienation of the rules.

Which, ultimately, often leads to discrediting public action and even the law. Digitization and technology are one of the inevitable levers for building the economy and society of tomorrow. But the implementation of technological and digital solutions, although it is the result of public policies, can only really succeed if the new tools are appropriated by the users and the users, especially on the side of the administrations.

This can only be done through a pedagogical effort to explain to the user that digital does not replace a civil servant but helps him to improve and become more efficient. Many experiments attempted in the past by the public administration have cost billions but were cut short by lack of explanation and upstream involvement.

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