state-of-the-art technology for custom-made progressive lenses

Latest generation devices

By digitizing the measurements taken by the spectacle wearer, the VISUFIT 1000 centering tower, which Optique Bach-Simon is equipped with, ensures extreme precision. This process developed by Carl Zeiss makes it possible to precisely adapt all the parameters of the lenses that will be manufactured by OptoVision in Germany to the person: distance and height of the pupils, lens/eye distance, inclination, reading distance… in order to achieve a perfectly tailored lens for the customer and the frame he has chosen. This state-of-the-art technique ensures unmatched comfort for the wearer, no more fitting efforts.

A specialized team

An attentive three-person team takes the necessary time to carefully perform these measurements, supplemented by visual inspection in a room equipped with Nidek apparatus. She must heart to deliver a suitable solution that meets everyone’s needs as closely as possible, to find “what works best”, to propose personalized offers such as an integrated “driving glass” that provides better visibility at night. It is on site, in an ultra-modern workshop, that they assemble the lenses into the frame, and a wide selection is allowed among the many products on display thanks to the technicality of 4.0 lenses.

A committed optician

It is not only within his brand that optician Claude Simon commits himself fully, but also through humanitarian missions, where he is discreet and does not like to present himself. Recently he went to Mexico, “I handed over 2,800 recovered equipment to the population, adjusted if necessary”, he specifies. Together with his wife Sylvie, his collaborator Apolline (maybe with Timothé later?) he has since 2007 traveled two to three times a year to Moldova, Romania, the Himalayas, Ecuador. For this purpose, it is possible to hand in old glasses in good condition to the optician.

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