stolen billions found in a box of popcorn – La Nouvelle Tribune

In the past week, American police have gotten their hands on $3.36 billion worth of bitcoinsat the home of James Zhong. This man had pleaded guilty to a wire fraud committed in September 2012, however, the place where he hid this stolen property remained unknown for several years. An investigation allowed law enforcement in September 2021 to discover 50,676 bitcoins at the home of James Zhong.

The thief carefully hid the loot in different places at his home in the state of Georgia. Regarding this week’s discovery ‹‹ authorities found the cryptocurrency on a computer stashed under blankets, in an underground safe, and in a box of popcorn cleverly placed in a bathroom closet ››, revealed the American justice.

According to information reported by some sources, James Zhong ‹‹ had collected his money on the illegal dark web marketplace Silk Road created by the famous Ross Ulbricht ››. Narcotics were sold in bitcoin in this market. During this year, pirates looted at least $615 millionby the network hack Ronin on which the game runs Axie Infinity.

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