strengthen its food safety plan with Oxyion technology

Managing the safety of pathogens like Listeria is a daily challenge that must be met with the support of key technological tools like the purification and sanitization service offered by Oxyion® technology applications.

Currently, Listeria monocytogenes is one of the greatest food safety hazards (surpassing even Salmonella) according to the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) – run by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) of the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Over the past ten years, Listeria monocytogenes has emerged as a pathogen of great importance in Chile, according to a study published in Food Microbiology in 2020 and listeriosis has been a reportable disease since 2005.

In the global food industry, it has been necessary to innovate and take strategic action to meet the challenges of food safety in the face of the danger of contamination. For the control it is necessary that, throughout the food chain, it is necessary to prevent the multiplication of this bacterium in the final product. This control requires a holistic approach, given its ability to lodge anywhere (water, soil, and air), its high resistance to common preservation methods, and its ability to survive and grow at refrigeration temperatures.

Ready-to-eat foods are considered tampered with if they contain L. monocytogenes or come into direct contact with a food contact surface that is contaminated with the bacteria.

Oxyion, a company with 25 years of experience in environmental purification and sanitation for the food industry, has a unique technology, based on the generation of hydrogen peroxide gas plasma and of energized oxygen molecules, which are produced by a Modulated Dielectric Barrier Discharge (MDBD) device, capable of eliminating viruses, fungi and bacteria, enabling effective microbiological control. Excellent results have been obtained in the elimination of Listeria in potential areas of contamination where cleaning or daily cleaning does not cover (ex: evaporators), as well as its control on the surfaces of various foods.

Oxyion technology, usually coupled with cold food processes, is non-invasive and easy to install/operate, which allows it to be a key element in the control strategy that food factories must integrate. The new application of Oxyion technology in the insufflation of pallets stands out, also supporting the control of possible pathogens present in the product or in the packaging.

In this way, Oxyion technology provides essential support for hygiene policies, safety and quality plans, without using chemicals and without leaving residues. Oxyion’s technology also increases environmental biosecurity in facilities, taking care of the people who work in these facilities. Currently, the company is present in more than 10 countries, with subsidiaries in the United States, Spain, Peru and Chile and nearly 5,000 facilities in operation.

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