Streptococcus A: after France and Great Britain, Spain announces the death of two children

The last few days have been taken by the health authorities United Kingdom and off France warn of infections with a particularly virulent bacterium: streptococci A.

According to the Pasteur Institute, this bacterium is “cause symptoms only under certain conditions (opportunistic pathogen) or in people at risk. Streptococcus A is responsible for many mild infections (angina, impetigo) but can also be responsible for sometimes fatal invasive infections (toxic shock syndrome, necrotizing fasciitis).”. With very specific symptoms. Especially among younger people.

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From 1 to 12 years

This bacteria is said to have caused the death of nine children in the UK. Two children have also died in the past fortnight in France, but also an adult.

On Wednesday, it was Spain’s turn to sound the alarm: 16 minors reportedly tested positive, two of whom died in the Madrid region. In Spain, the cases concern all children aged up to 12 years. The 14 hospitalized cases are making positive progress thanks to treatment with antibiotics.

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