Streptococcus A: WHO wants to be reassuring about the spread of the bacterium that caused 3 deaths in France

If the bacterium, which caused 13 deaths in the UK, 3 in France and 2 in Spain, can raise fears of an epidemic risk, the World Health Organization will be reassuring. The risk of spreading to the general population is “currently low”, she clarified on 15 December.

Don’t panic at the moment. This is the message from the World Health Organization spread of Streptococcus A, BFMTV reports on December 15. Like scarlet fever, this disease affects children and can lead to death if not treated with antibiotics.

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Increase in moderate cases

The UN wants to be reassuring. She bases her statement on an observation of the increase in cases this year, which is not significantly higher than that observed last year. If the smallest victim is tragic news, there is no risk that they will be numerous in the future, and at least not more than usual.

She states that risk of spread is “currently low”, an “invasive” epidemic is currently ruled out according to the recently conducted studies. The increase in cases has continued “moderate« she reassures.

In the columns of BFM, the doctor: the bacterium is known that “it is a fairly common germ” and that it is the one that “gives angina.”

“It is a bacteria that is extremely sensitive to antibiotics, and in severe cases we have other antibiotics or amoxicillin that can be given. So there are no major concerns about the possibility of treating these children,’ explains Yazdan Yazdanpanah.

Three deaths in France

In France, two children and one adult died of a Streptococcus A infection. This is also the case for two children in Spain. The UK, meanwhile, has been particularly hard hit by the bacteria as it reports 16 deaths as a result of an “invasive infection”.

According to the WHO, “this situation comes against the background of an increased mixing of populations after a period of reduced circulation of group A streptococci during the Covid-19 pandemic”. She remembers that you face other infections such as scarlet feverthat kills 500,000 people every year around the world, Streptococcus A spreads less easily and is treated fairly well by taking antibiotics.

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