what are the symptoms of the current variant, BA.5 of Omicron?

what are the symptoms of the current variant, BA.5 of Omicron?

A new wave of Covid-19 has threatened France for more than a week. Pollution is increasing again, as are hospitalizationsraising fears of a complicated winter in hospitals with flu and bronchiolitis raging at the same time. The person responsible for this resurgence of the epidemic: the Omicron variant of Covid-19 and more precisely its BA.5 … Read more

Does a Lancet study show that some vaccinated people are more vulnerable to Covid than non-vaccinated people? – Liberation

Question asked on November 21, 2022. The FranceSoir site, relay of the most eccentric theses on the Covid since the start of the epidemic, published on November 18 a very relayed text whose seriousness you are asking us about. The title proclaims: “Anti-Covid-19 vaccine: a study of the Lancet shows the immune erosion of vaccinated … Read more

Is Olivier Véran right to link the virulence of the bronchiolitis epidemic to the avoidance of the virus, for two years, because of the wearing of the mask?

Question by Maxzym on November 14, 2022 Could the very strong bronchiolitis epidemic be linked to the anti-Covid measures observed over the past two years? On November 13 on BFM TV, Olivier Véran affirmed it, declaring: “The hospital is under tension, very strong in pediatrics, with an epidemic of bronchiolitis which was early, which is … Read more

Covid-19: how effective is Pfizer’s new bivalent vaccine?

It is a new weapon in the fight against Covid-19. Since the beginning of October, French people vulnerable to the virus can receive a new dose of vaccine, with a modified product, called “bivalent”, specifically targeting Omicron and its sub-variants. Both Pfizer and Moderna have developed one using messenger RNA technology. According to the first … Read more

the long-term unpleasant surprises of Sars-Cov-2 – Liberation

Sequels Article reserved for subscribers The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase The effects of Covid are not limited to the symptoms of the acute phase. Brain, heart, diabetes, immune system, “Liberation” provides an overview of the possible consequences of the disease. Almost three years after the appearance of Covid-19, the full range of sequelae of the … Read more

Did a Boston lab create a strain of Covid with an 80% fatality rate? – Liberation

Question asked by Le Mutin on October 18, 2022. On October 17, an article from the English tabloid DailyMail displayed a particularly sensationalist headline: ‘EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s playing with fire – it could trigger a lab-generated pandemic’: Experts slam Boston lab where scientists created deadly new strain of Covid with 80% case fatality rate. The article, … Read more

Khosta-2: a new coronavirus, resistant to vaccines, discovered in bats

Will Covid-19 have a not-so-distant cousin? According to a study published this week, scientists have discovered a virus of the same family as Sars-Cov-2, the virus causing Covid, in bats in Russia. According to them, this coronavirus, called Khosta-2, was circulating there from 2020. So far, nothing abnormal, these species of animals containing many viruses … Read more