These fermented foods that boost the microbiota

These fermented foods that boost the microbiota

Fermentation transforms vegetables, beverages and dairy products to great benefit to our health. There are contraindications for their consumption. Sour milk, cabbage in brine: the fermented foods has been an integral part of the human diet since ancient times. This is one of the oldest food processing and preservation techniques. From a nutritional point of … Read more

scientists shed light on a new mechanism linked to the disease

November 14 is World Diabetes Day, a chronic disease that affects more than 500 million people worldwide. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form and recently Japanese scientists have discovered the involvement of a protein in causing this persistent hyperglycemia. The International Diabetes Federation uses every November 14 to raise awareness about diabetes, a … Read more

A first Moroccan and African congress in Rabat on the 5G ecosystem

The “5G Event Morocco” is the first major event organized in Morocco on 5G technology, which has become a catalyst for next-generation IoT services. Its objective is to bring together several companies with the main players in the vertical fields and the entire Moroccan and African Telecom ecosystem. In this context, the very first Moroccan … Read more

The FIAV consolidates its place in the metaverses

Created in 1993, the Casablanca International Video Art Festival (FIAV), designed as a large-scale multidisciplinary event, has become over the years an unmissable event and a national and international benchmark in the field of video and digital. Indeed, the festival brings together each year enthusiasts of renewal, inspiration and above all of the interbreeding of … Read more

Lentils, beans, chickpeas .. How to cook legumes for healthy meals?

Long shunned by the French, legumes have more than one trick up their sleeves. Solveig Darrigo-Dartinet, dietician, nutritionist and author ofA vegetable garden to feed my family explains the difference between vegetables and legumes: “Green vegetables are very water-rich foods, whereas legumes or legumes have very little water, but they concentrate carbohydrates, therefore slow sugars. … Read more

how to strengthen your immune system?

Food is one of the ways to support our immune defences. We often immediately think of citrus fruits, rich in vitamin C because this vitamin is often associated with immunity. It actually has an anti-infective role. But other vitamins also contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system. Vitamin A found in carrots, sweet … Read more

QNET Leverages Technology to Build Powerful Future-Proof and Post-Pandemic Economies

According to QNET, the direct selling industry is in a unique position to help communities recover from the damage caused by the pandemic and build a stronger, more inclusive and more sustainable post-pandemic economy in the future. says a statement from the company. A digital transformation Since its founding, QNET has built a strong reputation … Read more

Technology at the service of agriculture

Transforming agriculture by guaranteeing healthy food and a sustainable approach, with respect for the limits of resources, turns out to be the main concern and objective of this Moroccan startup. Fellah Tech was born from the ambition of two founders motivated by the moral obligation to protect the environment. Specialized in the field of AgriTech, … Read more

Rachid Yazami announces technology capable of recharging a battery in 15 minutes

The eminent Moroccan researcher, who has several patents to his credit, took part, on Tuesday, September 20 in Casablanca, in the Digital Energy Forum, organized by Interworld in partnership with INSA alumni. An opportunity for him to present for the first time a new technology that should revolutionize battery charging. Rachid Yazami took care to … Read more