The list of communes in Île-de-France where you can live and age in good health

The list of communes in Île-de-France where you can live and age in good health

By Marti Blancho Released 13 hours ago, Update 5 hours ago Fontainebleau, here in 2018. Illustrative photo. The city of Fontainebleau EXCLUSIVE– Life expectancy, occurrence of serious diseases and forms of cancer, air quality, density of doctors, exercise etc. Le Figaro compared the data from the 1268 communes of Île-de-France to find those where we … Read more

Does the cold really give you a cold?

Does the cold really give you a cold?

By Soline Roy Released yesterday at 5:53 p.m., Update yesterday at 19.28. Respiratory viruses survive better in cool environments, which will also tend to irritate our nasal membranes and therefore make them more sensitive to attack. Zsolt Biczó/Adobe Stock DESCRIPTION – One of the first lines of defense at work in our nose would be … Read more

towards early detection with a simple test

towards early detection with a simple test

A Swedish team has just published promising results for a screening test targeting proteins based on sugars, glycosaminoglycans or glycans to detect cancers at an early stage. Elypta DESCRIPTION – A new blood and urine analysis technology developed in Sweden makes it possible to detect several types of tumors. It is important to detect cancer … Read more

PrEP, this “anti-AIDS pill”, which is essential in prevention

PrEP, this "anti-AIDS pill", which is essential in prevention

PrEP can be taken on an ad hoc basis or continuously if the lifestyle requires it. Mihai – DESCRIPTION – Use of this protection is increasing, but condom use is decreasing and the disease is circulating. Although we are still unable to cure patients infected with HIV, we still have more diversified means to … Read more

vaccination of adolescent girls is progressing, but remains limited and unequal

The vaccination coverage of young girls remains “far from the 60% target” of the 2014-2019 cancer plan, according to a study by Public Health France. Vaccination of adolescent girls against papillomavirus infections, linked to the appearance of several cancers, has known “an upgrade” in 2021, but remains at “moderate levels” especially among the most disadvantaged, … Read more

“It is now that it is played”, alerts the government

Flu and Covid-19 vaccination rates are “insufficient“As the Christmas holidays approach, alerts the Ministry of Health on Tuesday. Flu and Covid-19 vaccination rates are “insufficient“with the approach of the Christmas holidays, where many population mixes will take place, and against a backdrop of deteriorating epidemic indicators, alerted the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, November 29. … Read more

These Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

To fully understand why Parkinson’s disease affects several important body functions, we must first look at its root causes. hanithework – OUR HEALTH ADVICE – Tremors, contrary to a tenacious idea, are not the only symptom of this disease. More discreet warning signs can appear years before. “Parkinson’s disease: these warning signs you should … Read more

early warning signs

There are four main types of dementia, each of which expresses itself in a very specific way. sudok1 – OUR HEALTH ADVICE – About 1.2 million people live in France with a cognitive disorder that jeopardizes their autonomy. How to identify incipient dementia? Answer with two experts. “Alzheimer’s disease, dementia: these early signs that … Read more

detected in time, he is taking good care of himself

By Pauline Lena Posted yesterday at 4:11 p.m., Update yesterday at 4:15 p.m. While there are different forms of the pathology, all of which reduce the visual field, chronic open-angle glaucoma accounts for 90% of cases among adults. Tymoshchuk – / Andriy Tymoshchuk / Tymoshchuk – / Andriy Tymoshchuk DECRYPTION – In France, … Read more

Our emotions put to the test by lack

By Aurore Aimelet Posted yesterday at 6:43 p.m., Update yesterday at 6:43 p.m. If human beings have always been wary of lack, today’s world does not help us much to keep our phlegm. pinel PSYCHOLOGY – At the supermarket, at the gas station or in love, the lack can be unbearable. Its learning is however … Read more