Tamadoge: new records and crazy earnings forecasts

As Tamadoge presales continue their impressive trajectories, bullish expectations surround the token.

A pre-sale more than a millionaire

Currently, Tamadoge has raised over $16 million during its pre-sale, while “only” 90 million TAMA tokens are still available for sale.

With this impressive amount collected, the pre-sale is positioned as one of the most expensive in the history of cryptocurrencies, especially since the current market is in the midst of a bear market, reinforcing the impact of Tamadoge’s current collection.

The same corner continues to rise, and is talked about both on social networks but also on certain renown newspapers. Predictions are also going well, with CNBC not hesitating to associate the TAMA token with a possible performance of X10 as soon as it is listed. The Tamadoge token is promising for many, and many investors do not want to miss this new opportunity linked to the same coins after missing the Doge or the SHIB.

For the moment, more than 90% of the billion tokens available during this pre-sale have found takers, and this sales phase should end more quickly than expected.

Crazy predictions for TAMA

The most twirling speculators are already expecting the token to splurge on the exchange, and listings on the DEXs and CEXs surrounding Tamadoge will no doubt be watched closely. At the moment, the crypto exchange LBank has already confirmed an upcoming listing of the token while it is not yet on the DEXs.

To use the predictions recorded by CNBC, a 10-fold increase in price is expected by 2023, while for others, an X50 is highly likely once the token is available for trading.

In any case, given the event that is this presale, the first investors who acquired their tokens at lower prices are already winning their bets. Indeed, after each stage of the presale, the price of TAMA tokens gradually rose.

In any case, the self-proclaimed “ultimate coin meme” Tamadoge will be able to continue on a community that continues to grow constantly, with now more than 64,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 50,000 members on its official Telegram group. A TamadogeArmy that will no doubt support the token in hopes of quickly hitting the dollar.

Only time will tell if TAMA will truly proclaim itself as the future king of meme coins.


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