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If, like me, you own an electric car, you know that these vehicles are heavier, more powerful, quieter than combustion cars, not to mention that they are also more sensitive in terms of rolling resistance. Therefore, they mandate that they be fitted with specific tires.

Electric drivers, you may also have noticed that the number of people using public charging points is still increasing. Sometimes the situation is such that you have to wait a long time before you can use the charger in question…

A tire that can help you go a long way…

To meet the needs of all these motorists, tire manufacturer Sailun, a Canadian company with more than 20 years of experience in the field and with tentacles all over the world, has developed a new tire called “ERange EV”.

This is a product aimed specifically at electric vehicles that promises to improve its performance, offers a quiet ride and above all is designed to increase the range of almost all electric vehicles. We’re talking here as much about cars as about electric trucks and SUVs currently on the market.

These tires allow greater range due to an advanced process that provides lower rolling resistance than other tires while maintaining good traction.

With the increasing number of electric vehicles that now circulate on our roads almost everywhere on the planet, this innovation becomes useful and interesting, as it promises us greater autonomy than that offered by other tires intended for electric vehicles.

For a Tesla Model 3, for example, the range will be 7% longer with these tires. It may not seem like much, but this latitude will still allow you to drive further with the same load and may allow you to avoid recharging. And as technology advances day by day to increase the capacity of electric car batteries, this 7% extra autonomy could be twice as profitable in a few years.


Tesla Model 3

Final road tests

It was on a Tesla Model 3 that experts used these tires during road tests that took place during the year in Southern California.

Drivers unceremoniously rolled their Tesla electric cars shod with these tires on the roads of Beverly Hills. In particular, they took a winding road that was on a hill, which had its share of challenges.

With these tires in testing, drivers navigated obstacles with ease, including potholes that got in the way. The long descents and the many turns encountered also did not prevent the tires from performing well and offering good handling. The test continued on a highway and again the driving proved interesting, reported the experts who were on the scene.

In terms of road conditions, the manufacturer also promises that these tires will maintain good grip on wet roads and in humid environments as well as in drier conditions.


The second advantage relates to noise, or the absence of noise, rather. Given the quiet ride we get from electric cars, regular tires can become noisy and uncomfortable, especially when used at high speeds on a highway.

However, ERange EV tires use a system that helps reduce their noise, making them virtually silent and sometimes even quieter than the vehicle’s original tires.

You don’t even have to resort to the acoustic foam that other tire manufacturers use to try to reduce the noise. Let’s admit that the fact that they can keep the cabin quiet is interesting to say the least.

In short, so many elements that can allow us to hope that these tires will be offered quickly. But not only is the arrival of these tires imminent in North America, but they will also be offered in 32 rim sizes (from 15 to 22 inches). This is enough to cover 80% of electric car models on the market.

That said, Quebec being what it is weather-wise, we’ll probably have to wait a little longer to satisfy electric drivers in the winter. Currently, the Sailun company’s tires are only of the four-season type. We will have to see if winter tires will be developed and, if so, if they will be as effective in terms of grip and as satisfactory in terms of their quietness.

For my part, I will of course also wait to test the safety of these tires on our roads. If they make our roads even safer, I’ll be the first to be happy!

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