technologies. Data from millions of Deezer users leaked to the internet

It is bad press that the French platform Deezer would have done well. The data from nearly 250 million user accounts on the French music streaming platform Deezer has surfaced in recent weeks on personal data trading forums, according to several websites specializing in data leaks. The data had been stolen in 2019, but it was in recent weeks that it was allegedly shared.

Deezer confirmed on Tuesday that it had been informed that data stolen “from one of (its) former service providers” in 2019 had been exposed on the internet.

What information is contained in this data?

“The disclosed data includes basic information, such as first and last namesthat Date of birthI’email address “, explained Deezer. According to the platform, they only contain “ no password or payment data “.

The US website, which reported on the case in November, added that genre, location data (city and country), the date of connection and User ID was also part of the exposed data.

How many users are affected?

Deezer declined to confirm the number of affected user accounts.

But according to stolen data tracker Damien Bancal, author of the specialized blog, data from 257 million users was uploaded, representing more than 260 GB (gigabytes) of information.

The US site indicated on its site that it had identified “more than 240 million” affected accounts. According to this website, the database mainly contains data from 46.2 million users in France, 37.1 million in Brazil and 15.3 million in Germany.

Which suites?

Deezer warned Cnil, the French watchdog of digital privacy, in November and has been working with it “since then in close cooperation”. In agreement with the CNIL, “we are contacting the affected users by email to make them aware of the risk of phishing (phishing) and to encourage them to be vigilant”, explained Deezer.

“We recommend that our users, as a precaution, change their passwords,” the company said.

The base of these stolen data “had already been for sale for a long time in private spaces” by hackers, explained Damien Bancal. “On December 23,” more than three years after the initial theft, according to Deezer, “the file was made available for free” on a free-to-access site well known to pirates and hackers, he added.

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