Technology: A Chinese engineer creates the first foldable iPhone


TechnologyChinese engineer creates first foldable iPhone

Apple is expected at the turn with a first foldable iPhone, but the Cupertino company does not seem in a hurry to join the small circle formed by Samsung, Huawei or Motorola in the field. Never mind, a young Chinese engineer, after going to great lengths, has made a functional model of a foldable iPhone.

After several months and a nice little budget spent, the trick was done.

Youtube screenshot

It was on YouTube that this young Chinese decided to present his new creation. In addition to explaining the entire manufacturing process in detail, he even made a teaser in the vein of Apple’s keynotes to present what he dubbed iPhone V. To correctly assemble various parts of an iPhone X, mixed with those of a Galaxy Z Flip and a Motorola Razr for the hinge, he had to play tricks, printing in 3D in passing the necessary parts to assemble all this little world in a viable way. The biggest challenge being to reposition all the elements inside the two iPhone halves.

He thus integrated the motherboard with the SoC and the memory in the lower part while the other part receives the battery and the photo sensors. An arrangement that can be found at Samsung and Motorola in their marketed models. It was also a headache to recover the flexible layer of the original iPhone X screen, which required nearly forty tries. But after several months and a nice little budget spent, the trick was done.

Made in this way, the iPhone V is usable, it even works rather well according to its designer, who went through the jailbreak box to add some software contributions. However, he was not able to optimize it on the software side as much as Apple’s engineering teams would do and we can see that this “homemade” foldable could be more functional.

Still, the Chinese engineer, with no less than 170,000 views in one day on YouTube, seems to interest more than one person in the tech field. What to give, perhaps, ideas on the side of Cupertino, which would work on foldable products, but which, according to the latest leaks, would initially favor a foldable iPad for a still hypothetical marketing.


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