Technology: Apple’s mixed reality headset would arrive in 2023 in limited quantities


TechnologyApple’s mixed reality headset would arrive in 2023 in limited quantities

Apple’s highly anticipated VR/AR reality headset. According to information from the future manufacturer Pegatron, the device would see the start of its mass production in March 2023.

Apple is reportedly marketing the headset at a hefty price tag, which leaks say is set at $2,000-$2,500.

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According to Digitimes, who has a source at the maker of Apple’s future VR/AR headset, said Apple would only be able to bring around 800,000 pieces of its expected mixed reality device to market in 2023. An amount that would not be enough to be very profitable for supply chain manufacturers. Nevertheless, to demonstrate their expertise, many Apple partners would be in the running to position themselves strategically as suppliers of future augmented or virtual reality devices.

On the sale price side, Apple, as usual, would market the headphones at a high price, which, according to the leaks, would be set between 2000 and 2500 dollars. Or more expensive than Meta’s Quest Pro, displayed at 1499 dollars. Between this price positioning and the low availability at launch, this new accessory, however expected, will probably be reserved for a niche market at first.

Based on this information, Digitimes is planning an official presentation sometime in April 2023, while analyst Ming-Chi Kuo instead puts his balls on a dedicated Apple keynote in January. All this for an expected availability in stores before the developer conference (WWD 2023) which will be organized in June. Enough to chew the brakes for a few more months…

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