Technology: Data collection: Apple not so good student


TechnologyData collection: Apple not so good student

The Cupertino company has so far defended a restricted user data collection policy. But all would not be so rosy.


Following numerous scandals relating to data collection, we think in particular of Meta, the management of personal data is closely monitored by security researchers. According to reports by researcher Tommy Mysk, relayed by 9to5mac, Apple would have nothing to envy to other brands with regard to the data collected. Claiming to be respectful of the principle of consent, Apple would however collect analytical data from iPhones with or without the consent of users. Mysk points out that the amount of data collected by the firm is shocking, whether there is consent to collect or not.

This discovery is based on the observation that many Apple applications bypass VPN connections to deliver data to the company. Also, the Apple Watch Mail app escapes the Mail Privacy Shield feature, just like the iOS 14.6 App Store version that sends user manipulations to Apple, including the time spent looking at a particular page.

Class action in sight

United States obliges, a class action lawsuit has been filed in California, according to the blog Gizmodo. Apple is being sued there for violating California’s invasion of privacy law. In contradiction to its position on respecting the privacy of its users, Apple remains silent on the subject. A kind of admission of guilt that could well tarnish the reputation of the Apple firm in this sensitive area.

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