Technology: DMS, the software that boosts pharmacy performance

Drugstore Management System (DMS) is a modern pharmacy management tool. Condensed with technology, it allows pharmacies to better organize themselves to satisfy the customer. It is a software created in 2011 by CROMMIX. With several users in Burkina and in the sub-region, DMS is revolutionizing the pharmacy sector.

Supporting the customer, facilitating payment, controlling checkouts using barcodes, managing vouchers, credits and credits are, among other things, the skills of DMS. The system has been developed to fit as closely as possible with the needs of pharmacies. For this, it uses state-of-the-art tools to produce robust, stable and reliable solutions. It is established on a well-built network.

DMS is multi-cash and multi-store. “When there is a long line at a checkout, the software directs these people to the least busy checkout. Then there is a whole process of transferring stock from the store to the points of sale”, explained the company CROMMIX. In order to allow the customer to communicate with the pharmacy, the SMS function has been integrated into the software. DMS also allows mobile payment to avoid change issues at checkout. In addition, the system is independent of the internet connection but only works with the mobile network.

The cost of the software varies according to the option chosen by the pharmacy. According to CROMMIX, the software is very easy to use. “For sales, it takes approximately half a day of training to use it. However, for inventory management, it takes a little longer to understand how it works,” the company said.

Present throughout the territory of Burkina Faso but also internationally as in Togo and Niger, DMS collaborates with local partners. It integrates all local needs so that the solution best meets customer expectations. Several versions of the software exist and it evolves over time.

Users provide comments on how it works and on their needs. The designers have set up online and face-to-face forums where they discuss with pharmacists to analyze and put in place roadmaps for the future.

The evolutionary adaptation of DMS is a point of satisfaction for pharmacies. The Bao-wendsom pharmacy in Ouagadougou has been using it since its creation in 2012. According to Dr. Henri Ouédraogo, the software adapts easily to their needs. “I had already used other management software during my pharmacy internships. But the DMS system allows for better management,” he said.

This tool allows the staff of the Bao-wendsom pharmacy to be less anxious about daily management and to be more efficient with their customers. Overall, he says it’s an easy-to-use software because his trainees use it within a week of training. “It’s very intuitive. Having used this software for 9 years, I think it is the best software for pharmacies on the Burkinabè market and that I can advise pharmacies with my eyes closed,” he added.

Software adapted to all pharmacies

Since its creation, the DMS software has been adopted by many pharmacies in the four corners of Burkina. Outside the capital, the tool is used and appreciated by certain pharmacies in the provinces. Dr Franck Lougué of the Dalwo pharmacy in Boromo has been using the software for 9 years. He is delighted with the continuous improvement of the functionalities of DMS. According to him, this improvement is possible thanks to the designers’ ability to listen. “The improvement that is particularly useful to us is the possibility of ordering via extranet. This feature allows us to order directly from the wholesaler and when ordering we are not obliged to enter the invoice. This is a very important point for us and we save time”, underlines the pharmacist. [ Cliquez ici pour lire l’intégralité ]

Farida Thiombiano

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