Technology: Windows 11 will add a search bar to the task manager


TechnologyWindows 11 will add a search bar to task manager

In a new beta of Windows 11, Microsoft is adding a search bar to the task manager level making it easier for users to find a particular program that might be causing problems.

Many users have been waiting for this feature.


Microsoft indicates adding process filtering to Task Manager, in response to a request that users have escalated. It will be possible to filter by name, PID or publisher name. The filtering algorithm matching the keyword to all possible matches and displaying them on the current page. It is also possible to use the keyboard shortcut ALT + F to focus on the filter box. A function that is useful for isolating a process and taking action on the filtered processes.

In addition to this new feature, Microsoft is adding the ability to choose light or dark themes in the task manager. In addition, the Redmond giant announces to improve the efficiency mode in the Windows 11 task manager. This mode is used to set a process to a lower priority or to improve the energy efficiency of our PCs.

Currently available in the Windows 11 beta, these changes will arrive for everyone within the next few weeks. Very practical additions that will allow you to go a little further in the management of tasks, which are sometimes problematic.


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