Telegram 9.2.2: Anonymous registration but paid

Just a few weeks ago, Telegram brought the subjects in group discussions as well as on old-fashioned forums. But this time, Telegram offers very robust privacybut it is paid with the option to register without providing a SIM chip. In general, to create a Telegram account, you must provide your number, you have an authentication account, and then you can use the platform.

And since Telegram is cloud-based messaging, we don’t care if we lose the phone, but we kept the same phone number. Just give it when you set up your new phone and presto, you’ll find all your data and configurations. However, for some, the provision of a SIM chip may present privacy concerns. And that’s why, this update allows you to register without a SIM chip or rather you can use an anonymous number provided by Telegram. But of course this number is charged.

For some people, it’s really a bad idea, but I consider it more of a specific use of Telegram. Because in addition to this registration with an anonymous number, Telegram offers a global timer for deleting messages. You go in yours Settings/Privacy and security and you can set a duration from which your messages must be deleted. This applies to your private messages (which was already possible before), but also for your discussions in the groups. Of course, this only works as long as you enable the option and your old messages are not affected.

Combined with this automatic deletion, the anonymous number makes sense to that extent a user can use Telegram for a while and he can disappear without a trace. Because the big problem with this anonymous registration is that you have to buy tracks via Fragments which is Blockchain of Telegram via Toncoins. Knowing that the majority of numbers have already been allocated, anonymous numbers will increase by 3 Toncoins per hour from December 13th to reach a maximum price of 99 Toncoins, after which they will be removed from sale.

It is very poorly done and it encourages speculation (wanted by Telegram). Because the guys buy thousands of cheap phone numbers to sell them at an exorbitant price later. Currently, one Toncoin is worth around €1.70 which means that if you want to buy an anonymous number at its maximum price, it will cost you more than 200 euros! This is completely stupid and a privacy protection at this price is not worth it.

Furthermore, it is not specified whether you have these numbers for life or whether you have to pay a subscription. And what happens if we lose this number, do we have to pay again to get it back? We feel that Telegram is pushing cryptocurrencies and Blockchain to death, because in the last update it had done the same with usernames where we could sell and buy the most popular names. We also see that Telegram really needs money because it pushes paid options to every corner.

This anonymous number idea is good on paper, but it needs to be completely revamped. On the one hand, it must have a fixed price and one could think of an annual subscription and it would also be better to connect it with a username rather than a phone number. The name reflects its identity better than a number.

Among the other updates of this version, we have the topics that have been improved. Now we have a topic General » by default when you activate the topics and which contains the old messages. This was a major bug that I had noticed when the topics landed, and it’s good that Telegram fixed the issue. Topics are also available for groups of 100 people, while it was 200 before.

And in Telegram groups we can now enable an option Aggressive anti-spam if we are inundated with shit. Telegram is very vulnerable to spam thanks to its popularity, as the application now has 700 million users worldwide.

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