Telex: Alibaba Cloud launches its Wuying Cloudbook, Google terminates the Street View application, China confines the area around Foxconn to Zhengzhou

– Alibaba Cloud launches its Wuying Cloudbook. A few years after Google’s Chromebooks, the Chinese are in turn entering the market for laptops with cloud connection. Featuring a 14-inch touchscreen, the Wuying Cloudbook is actually a VDI terminal designed to provide companies with remote computing power while helping them strengthen data security, according to the Hangzhou provider. The company also says it will improve cost efficiency and facilitate collaboration in hybrid office environments. DaaS type, Desktop as a service, the Wuying is able to run – in VDI mode – several operating systems, including Windows, Linux or Android.

– Google is ending the Street View app. The app that provides a 360° view of almost every street on the planet is going away and support will end on March 21, 2023. The feature available in Google Maps has long provided a simple way to access Street View, but there is also a version on Android and iOS. It therefore seems that the company is closing the application on mobile to keep only the web application. Indeed, in the last update of the application – version – Google has prepared the discontinuation of the solution and encourages users to switch to Google Maps or to Street View Studio, a dedicated web application.

– China confines the area around Foxconn. Described as the largest iPhone factory in the world, the company, which employs more than 200,000 workers in Zhengzhou and manufactures the vast majority of Apple devices, has identified several cases of covid since mid-October, indicates France Info. As a result, Chinese authorities locked down the entire area around the factory for seven days. Foxconn said the site will continue to operate in a closed circuit, but the announcement will still impact the production and distribution of Apple’s flagship products. Videos have been relayed on social networks, showing employees, who usually live on the site year-round, fleeing from the Zhengzhou factory to escape this imposed confinement.

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