Telex: Google stops half of its R&D projects, A robot printer for the building at HP, The Linux Foundation will create the OpenWallet Foundation

Google stops half of its R&D projects. According to our colleagues at Techcrunch, the Mountain View firm is implementing its cost reduction strategy by deciding to stop half of the projects of its internal division dedicated to R&D, Aera 120. The announcement was made to employees whose the programs will cease and a reclassification proposal within Google will be made to them. Traditionally, this division is an incubator of innovative products in different fields, but the company is reorienting it around AI. Among the abandoned projects, there is a financial accounting program for Google Sheets, another product related to purchases, analyzes for AR/VR, but also initiatives for the climate (mapping of charging for electric vehicles, the carbon accounting in IT and carbon measurement in forests).

A printer robot for the building at HP. The printing specialist presented a robot, named Siteprint, which autonomously prints tracks on the floors of construction sites. Using a remote control tablet and cloud-based tools, the machine can outline walls, doors and other features with little intervention. The robot includes two batteries that can each support up to four hours of printing. It can print on surfaces like concrete, plywood and terrazzo (stained and polished cement). It is also possible to choose the type of ink (persistent or ephemeral).

The Linux Foundation will create the OpenWallet Foundation. This structure, which will see the light of day by the end of 2022, should serve as a basis for companies to create digital wallets on an open source platform. She will be in charge of developing a secure and versatile open source engine that anyone can use to build interoperable wallets. The organization does not aim to compete with existing wallets from Google or Apple, but to create an alternative ecosystem based on open source.

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