Telex: VMware fined $8M, Google spins off its Aalyria telecom unit, Health Data Hub still on Azure until 2025

– VMware fined $8M. The company is accused by the SEC of misleading investors about its backlog management practices that allowed it to push revenue into subsequent quarters by delaying product shipments to customers. The publisher thus concealed the slowdown in its performance compared to its projections for the 2020 fiscal year. After investigation, the regulator issued a cease or desist order with a penalty of $8 million. VMware agreed to pay the settlement without admitting or denying culpability in this practice. The firm would have transferred tens of millions of dollars of income to the following quarters to hide the slowdown in activity.

– Google spins off its Aalyria telecom unit. The Mountain View company has just unveiled to the public its software project intended for high-speed communication networks that extend from earth to space. A company was created to present it, called Aalyria. Its mission is to manage “hyper-fast, ultra-secure and highly complex communication networks that span land, sea, air, near space and deep space”. Aalyria said it landed an $8.7 million commercial contract with the US Defense Innovation Unit. The company will be led by Chris Taylor, a national security expert who has led other companies that have worked with the government.

– The Health Data Hub still on Azure until 2025. Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure, the main base project of the national health data system (HDH) launched by the Government has finally been put on hold. He has been strongly criticized by associations and parliamentarians as discussions around sovereignty rage. The platform, which is intended to host sensitive data, cannot indeed operate on an American cloud, consistency requires. In an interview with TICpharma, Stéphanie Combes, director of the HDH, indicated that the migration to a new sovereign host would not take place before 2025. She thus specifies that “the benchmark is being finalized but I already have the results and the observation is always the same: there is still a very significant gap concerning the functionalities, in particular security”.

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