Tesla opens payments in DOGE… for a funny machine

Useless, therefore essential! – What better way to make people want to buy, than to highlight an uninteresting object, in attractive packaging and with targeted communication? You’re here knows it, and masters the technique perfectly!

Whistle your dog with class

If you’ve been following the news for a few months, you’ve noticed the game ” run away from me I follow you, follow me I run away from you between Elon Musk and the Bitcoin. This adage also works for his takeover of Twitter elsewhere.
So you probably know thatElon is a Doge loverthe famous corner with a dog’s head, which has no other purpose than to be a little joke at the start.

Well today if you are in possession of Doge who sleep in a corner while waiting for the next bull market, you can acquire a small piece of Tesla!
But the car, the brand! A metal tip, of a rather special shape and which, it must be admitted, is not very useful.

Indeed, for the modest sum of 1000 Doges (about 60 dollars at the current rate), you can become the lucky owner of a whistle, called “Cyberwhistle”. A Cyberwhistle then!

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Or it’s the Doge who will whistle at you

The description is relatively simple, like the object in question.

Inspired by Cybertruck, the limited-edition Cyberwhistle is a premium collectible crafted from medical-grade stainless steel with a polished finish. The whistle includes a built-in clip feature for added versatility.

If you are passionate about whistle, Doge or You’re here (or even all three at the same time!) you will unfortunately have to wait, the Cyberwhistle is no longer available. And Tesla has not yet indicated any restocking times.

It’s a safe bet that other objects from Tesla’s catalog will also be available for purchase in Doge, the whistle is certainly only a test (which turns out to be conclusive since there are no more of stock available).

So if you like Elon Musk and his brand, or just being able to buy things with your Dogeskeep an eye out!

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