Tetanus, hepatitis… Pharmacists now authorized to administer 14 new vaccines

The National Convention for licensed pharmacists provides for the creation of a fee for the administration of vaccines prescribed by health professionals.

After the flu, Covid-19 and monkey pox, French pharmacists can, from this Monday, inoculate French men and women in possession of a medical prescription with 14 new vaccines. This small revolution in the world of pharmacies “marks an unprecedented ambition on the evolution of the role of the pharmacist within the health system”, writes the Health Insurance.

The measure is part of the National Convention for licensed pharmacists, published in the Official Journal by decree of March 31, 2022. Two key measures of this text, namely the carrying out of interviews for pregnant women, and the extension of their skills in terms of vaccination, entered into force on Monday.

Poliomyelitis, papillomavirus…

The last measure aims to “improve vaccination coverage in France and facilitate the course of the patient wishing to be vaccinated”, writes on its site the National Order of Pharmacists.

From now on, these health professionals will be able to vaccinate against diphtheriathe tetanusthe poliomyelitisthe whooping coughthem papillomavirus humans, the invasive pneumococcal infectionsthe viruses of hepatitis A and B, the menigococci A, B, C, Y and W as well as the vaccine against rage.

People wishing to be vaccinated in pharmacies must be in possession of a medical prescription for the product.

The public concerned? Minors aged 16 and over for whom one of these vaccinations is recommended in the vaccination schedule in force, but also adults.

Towards the prescription of vaccines for pharmacists?

As for pharmacists, they will have to be trained and declared to the Regional Health Agency to which they are attached to perform these new vaccinations. The measure is accompanied by the creation of a fee for the administration of serums.

“The advantage is that patients may waste less time or be taken care of more quickly”, greeted franceinfo Matthieu Saulnier, pharmacist in Nanterre.

The next step? The prescription of these vaccines by the pharmacists themselves. For the moment, the latter are only authorized to prescribe the vaccine against the flu. A situation that the Social Security financing bill for 2023 could change, with its article 20 which intends to allow pharmacists to prescribe certain vaccines.

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