the 3 altcoins to watch at the end of the year

In a particularly uncertain market context, there are several altcoins could rise higher by the end of 2022. Here are some cryptocurrencies that could be interesting given their current levels and their fundamentals.

Theta Network (THETA): a promising update

The launch of THETA Metachain in December could point to good prospects for development in the medium term. However, a successful launch can also portend a recovery from this month for THETA crypto. With this version 4.0, This decentralized network which offers video streaming in peer to peer (P2P) continues to build a solid foundation for the future. Remember that the THETA token was trading at the beginning of the year at more than $4 per share. unit, with an ATH that peaked at more than $12 in the spring of 2021. Today we can buy THETA for $0.95. A good entrance?

VeChain (VET), a buying opportunity for this cryptocurrency?

VeChain’s VET is one relatively old crypto in regards to the crypto ecosystem. It was launched in 2015 and notably offers a traceability solution for businesses thanks to blockchain. Its peak was around $0.2 in 2021. The FTX crisis and the recent drop in confidence in the crypto ecosystem has not spared it: VET is currently in a bearish phase with a token around $0.01, a price divided by 20 ! VET thus reached its 2020 level, before the last bull run. A strong signal that indicates an interesting area.

After this great cleansing likelihood of a bullish bounce becoming more important to this cryptocurrency every day. Especially since, despite this recent major correction, the project has never made much progress in terms of its fundamental development. See the latest partnerships developed by the foundation, for example with the UFC in the United States.

The Vechain Foundation recently announced a new technology center in Ireland.

Cosmos (ATOM), a crypto on the verge of rising again

Cosmos took the shock of the FTX affair relatively well. And for good reason, Cosmos and its ecosystem are thriving despite the bear market. Oscillating today between $9 and $10, crypto-ATOM will have to cross one resistance around $15 to really find a bullish cycle. Meanwhile, a tidy around these values โ€‹โ€‹is possible.
Granted, Cosmos might not be the altcoin with the biggest upside potential. But it is a safe bet in the crypto market. The abundant activity of blockchains present on the network testifies to a still strong interest. Thus, ATOM, this ” internet of blockchains captures the added value of an entire thriving ecosystem.

The Cosmos ecosystem continues to grow despite a bearish market environment.

In a bearish context, it may therefore be wise to buy some cryptos under the tree to take advantage of attractive prices. In fact, if we have to remain cautious, the current levels of these 3 altcoins look like anyway low enough to be interesting.

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