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Scarlet fever is an infectious disease that is currently raging among children in France, leaving parents in the greatest worry. Here are the signs to spot it.

While cases of scarlet fever in children are on the rise, it is time to be vigilant. Several signs make it possible to detect this disease responsible for several deaths in France in recent weeks. As the health authorities indicate, the child will most likely start to have cold symptoms.

The disease then presents itself rather quickly with high fever (over 38.5°C) with chills and angina, causing difficulty in swallowing (or dysphagia). The throat is red and inflamed, the tonsils are swollen and the glands in the neck are swollen.

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Watch his tongue

Sometimes other symptoms such as headache, stomach ache or even nausea and vomiting occur. A rash may also appear 12 to 48 hours after the first symptoms. They are usually located on the abdomen before spreading to the environment. Finally, the language takes on a completely different aspect. It is first covered with a thick white coating and then turns a raspberry red color after a few days.

Specifically, the youngest children are often immune to scarlet fever. They are protected by their mother’s antibodies, which are transferred during pregnancy, via the placenta. Scarlet fever is thus rare in children under 2 years of age. As the health insurance website reminds us, it primarily affects children aged 5 to 10 in the winter, causing small epidemics that spread to schools.

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