The “accessibility” feature in Google maps available in France

Launched in 2020 in only four countries, the “Available places” feature of the Google maps application is available in France and around the world. The principle? Be able to choose places suitable for wheelchairs.

Find a restaurant, shop or museum accessible to people in wheelchairs directly from their smartphone… So far, the application has Google Maps allowed it in the US, Australia, Japan and the UK. Fifteen million websites and businesses had then been referenced. In December 2022, we learned that the web giant is implementing this functionality in France and around the world, two years after its launch in 2020 (article in the link below). The map and itineraries tool thus makes it possible with a single click to identify the available places with the help of an armchair icon.

Disabled access, toilets, parking…

To get this filter, the user must go to the application settings and then select the mention ” availability “. Then a list will appear on the virtual map. To find out the details, then click on the selected location and then go to the menu, section ” about », which rolls out the summary of the corresponding accessibility attributes, namely the configuration of the entrance, the toilets, the seats (if all tables are high, if the place is not suitable for people in wheelchairs), parking and the presence of an elevator or not.

A function thatbenefit all»

If the user first notices non-compliance with these attributes, he can report it directly on the application. To do this, he must go to the profile of the company in question, press the tab ” about “, then ” describe the place and finally publish the comment. ” It benefits everyone, us wheelchair users, parents with pushchairs, elderly people with tired legs and those carrying heavy objects. said the American company. Implemented quite recently, this extension was announced during the conference ” Search further in September 2022 along with other new services that are integrated Google Mapsespecially” Live view “, available in major world cities (London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and Paris) and which allows you to discover points of interest in augmented reality.

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