the compromising revelations about the role of Mathias Pogba

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The Paul Pogba case is moving forward. Since Tuesday, five people have been in police custody, suspected of having tried to extort Paul Pogba. Among them is Mathias Pogba, the French international’s older brother. The latter would be suspected by the investigators of the central office for the fight against organized crime of having played an active role in this file, as specified The Parisian. Mathias Pogba was indeed the only one to know the precise schedule of the Juventus Turin player and the investigators have “Acquired the certainty that Mathias Pogba was indeed in July in front of the Juventus training center in Turin alongside the blackmailers to put pressure on the player”. The suspects would thus have remained several hours in front of the camp to put pressure on Paul Pogba, without the Italian club being worried about it, precisely because of the presence of the older brother.

Mathias Pogba, alone at the origin of the video on his brother?

If he continued to deny any involvement in the kidnapping of Paul Pogba, Mathias would have admitted during his hearing to have “taken alone the initiative to shoot the video” in which he accuses his brother and promises to make revelations. This follows his kidnapping on March 19, during which Paul Pogba would have paid 100,000 euros to the suspects who threatened to broadcast a video on the famous “maraboutage” around Kylian Mbappé.

The Ile-de-France daily also adds that the five suspects would not have “participated in all phases of the extortion”. A man would be one of the best friends of the player and already known to justice. He allegedly withdrew 200,000 euros with Paul Pogba’s credit card when the two were in England. If the suspects have a similar version, an investigation source says it would appear “already contradictions”. The latter thus indicate that they are trapped and in turn victims of threats by other members of the criminal organization. A man says his car was burned while another was shot in the hand. The Parisian also specifies that videos of these supposed acts would have been sent to Paul Pogba and his mother to put pressure on them. The noose is tightening on the various suspects.

to summarize

Since Tuesday, five people have been in police custody and suspected in particular of having kidnapped and extorted Paul Pogba. Among the suspects is the player’s older brother, Mathias Pogba.

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