The festival of the ancient citadel of Jerusalem, between technology, AI and art

Art and technology will be, together, in the spotlight, next week, on the occasion of Zero One, digital arts festival which will be held from November 11 to 13, within the framework of the museum of the Tower of David in Jerusalem.

Like other art tech festivals around the world, whether it’s Mutek in Montreal or Sona+D in Barcelona, ​​Zero One will examine today’s technologies through the lens of a variety of mediums – works of art, performances, lectures and installations.

The festival will open next Friday with several live musical performances by Radio Musrara, based at Jerusalem’s Musrara School of Art, from which festival co-director Yair Moss graduated and is emerging as a top -place of artistic technology.

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On the program on Saturday evening, performances by digital artists from Austria, France, the Netherlands, Croatia and also Israel, combining artificial intelligence, big data, digital music and live acoustic instrumental music, for a immersive outdoor experience.

That evening, French digital artist Mathieu Le Sourd and Dutch cellist, composer and producer Maarten Vos will present “Erratic Weather [NDLT : Météo changeante] “, creation made of multi-source data – including those from cyclones, typhoons and storms -, offering an audio and visual rendering of these extreme meteorological phenomena.

It’s a 45-minute visual and audio experience broadcast on a giant screen that demands the full attention of the audience. Moss emphasizes the disturbing feelings and questions that this show conveys.

On Sunday, the approach will be more academic, with conferences and performances that will question the role of artificial intelligence in the art world.

(One of these talks will be held in English and will be available online.)

“I would like audiences to think about technology, the hybridization between humanity and technology, how we use it in our lives,” says Moss.

“Are we creating a healthy digital culture or are these technologies – Google, email, artificial intelligence – harmful? »

Yair Moss (left) with his life and work partner, Danielle Zini. Both are co-directing the Zero One Digital Arts Festival at the Tower of David Museum, November 11-13, 2022 (Courtesy Yair Moss/Danielle Zini)

The idea for this festival comes from its co-artistic directors, Moss and Danielle Zini, partners in life and in work.

They were the first to want to talk about the intertwining of art and technology, seen in European festivals.

Both are graduates of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Moss also studied audiovisual arts in the Netherlands and holds a master’s degree from Reichman University, where he focused on different types of technology and UX designers, whose “he wanted to cross the approaches “.

Israel is a big tech nation, Moss points out, but the technology is ultimately little used by the local art scene, which Zini struggles to understand.

Both want to harness technology for creative experiences and the festival aims to be a platform for that research, Moss explains, with performances and visual art that he hopes will “open the minds of the audience “.

Holding the festival in the ancient Tower of David is a nod to traditions and older forms of knowledge, Moss adds.

“It inspires me to create new things,” he concludes.

“What was the vision of the men of the old world? »

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