The FIAV consolidates its place in the metaverses

Created in 1993, the Casablanca International Video Art Festival (FIAV), designed as a large-scale multidisciplinary event, has become over the years an unmissable event and a national and international benchmark in the field of video and digital. Indeed, the festival brings together each year enthusiasts of renewal, inspiration and above all of the interbreeding of art and new technologies.

For its 28th edition, the FIAV, organized on the initiative of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Ben M’sik, under the theme: “Emigration of the arts in the metaverses”, wants to be a continuity of the artistic project which aims to illustration of different forms and types of fusion and interaction between technology and art.

Thanks to deeplearning artificial intelligence (AI), these new tools have allowed the artist to explore the human unconscious to produce, through daily dialogues with artificial creatures devoid of soul and conscience, an infinite wealth of exceptional artistic expression.


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