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Japanese moviegoers can finally enjoy premium immersive cinematic sound at United Cinemas in Odaiba equipped with Finnish innovation FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™.

Finland’s FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ technology will debut next December in 10 auditoriums at United Cinemas on Odaiba Island, Japan with Avatar: The Way of Water.

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ delivers personal immersive sound and natural vibrations. The immersive effect impresses all movie buffs, but the vibrations and clarity of the sound are particularly appreciated by people who are hard of hearing.

“According to consumer research, 96% of moviegoers say the FLEXOUND experience is good or excellent. And they are also ready to recommend it to their friends and pay more for their cinema tickets. We offer a real competitive advantage over traditional home entertainment systems and cinemas,” Explain Isak Olevic, CEO of FLEXOUND.

Flexound has worked closely with United Cinemas on several cinema projects in Japan, including FLEXOUND Pulse™ sound, the world’s first completely speakerless cinema concept.

The international film industry is reassessing its value to attract moviegoers. Flexound’s breakthrough augmented audio technology enhances the sound experience with superior personal sound and physical vibrations in every chair with proven fare power.

“We are delighted to cooperate with our Finnish friends and present the first Japanese cinema equipped with FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ technology, which offers unparalleled immersion,” declared Akihito Watanabe, President of United Cinemas.

“With United Cinemas, we have the same vision of the cinematographic landscape of tomorrow. There is no doubt that immersive cinema is key to attracting moviegoers and delivering value that simply cannot be experienced at home with streaming.” says Isak Olevic, CEO of FLEXOUND.

This technology is integrated into the Premium Milano armchairs by Ferco Seating.


FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ is technology designed and manufactured in Finland. The international team has been working since 2015 to help children with autism by combining the sensation of touch with music. Today, the versatile and globally unique patented technology can be integrated into cinema or car seats, gaming chairs, cushions, sofas and more. Cinemas around the world have installed FLEXOUND technology and car manufacturers such as the Hyundai group are working with FLEXOUND to equip cars with an augmented audio solution.

FLEXOUND Pulse™ is the world’s first completely speakerless cinema concept that transforms any space, large or small, into a high-end, immersive, multi-sensory soundscape. Stores, malls, auditoriums, museums, theaters and concert halls can all become fully functional cinemas or game rooms without external speakers.

United Cinemas Co., Ltd.

UNITED CINEMAS Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985 and today has 44 theaters, 396 screens, including 8 IMAX, 21 4DX and 3 ScreenX in Japan. We always challenge ourselves and try to make people happy with films.

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