The French 3Deus Dynamics announces the launch of its revolutionary 3D printing by dynamic molding

3Deus Light 3D printer embodying 3Deus Dynamics dynamic molding technology (photo credits: 3Deus Dynamics)

A process combining both the advantages of injection molding and those of 3D printing, such is the feat achieved by the French start-up 3Deus Dynamics. It was already a year and a half ago, its CEO Julien Barthès explained to me how him and two other 3D printing enthusiasts (Christophe Marquette and Edwin-Joffrey Courtial), had imagined a manufacturing solution unique in the world called “dynamic molding”(Dynamic Moulding). A technological breakthrough that removes two major obstacles to the adoption of additive manufacturing by manufacturers: the lack of materials compatible with this technology, and its low productivity.

After long months of work with ATG Technology (subsidiary of MGA Technologies) expert in advanced technologies to automate and control production, 3Deus Dynamics has finally lifted the veil on its first industrial 3D printer: the “3Deus Light”. Funded thanks to the I-Lab (Bpifrance) innovation competition, of which 3Deus Dynamics was the winner in 2021, this machine promises to manufacture tailor-made mass-produced industrial parts, but also ” without size limit and with all injectable silicone materials for its customers. »

Protected by two international patents, the hybrid technology of 3Deus Dynamics, offers a way of producing totally different from other additive or molding processes to produce parts. If, like the binder jet for example, it is based on fluid and granular materials, its dynamic molding operation is in fact ensured by a self-supporting powder bath in which the object is completely immersed throughout its duration. Manufacturing. 3D printing is done using a needle that injects a fluid into the heart of the powder, which supports the part while it hardens.

“3Deus Dynamics’ additive manufacturing technology is a real scientific and application breakthrough”

3Deus Dynamics, MGA Technologies and ATG Technologies

Edwin-Joffrey COURTIAL, Herve de Malliard, Stephane Buttin, Julien BARTHES, Christophe Marquette, David Thubé, Alix LOPEZ (3Deus Dynamics, MGA Technologies and ATG Technologies) (photo credits: 3Deus Dynamics)

The very interesting consequence of this approach is that it makes it possible to handle all grades of existing injectable materials, and with ultra-fast production rates. Where the manufacturing industry was usually forced to chemically reformulate its materials to make them compatible with 3D printing processes, the process designed by 3Deus Dynamics provides access to its great versatility of materials while at the same time benefiting from its strong pace.

The icing on the cake, the other beneficial effect of this 3D manufacturing in a granular environment, is that it makes it possible to increase tenfold the great geometric freedom that 3D printing already enjoyed. Therefore, no design limit applies, no support , reinforcement or build plate is required.

Finally, the other characteristic, which makes dynamic molding particularly interesting, lies in the fact that a fraction of the powder used mixes with the injected material. It is therefore possible to create new composite materials. If the user chooses not to dissolve the powder in post-printing (sacrificial powders), it is then possible to create additional properties such as an antimicrobial, magnetic or electrical effect.

Example of a part printed by dynamic molding

Example of a part printed by dynamic molding: an anatomical model (photo credits: 3Deus Dynamics)

If the many advantages of dynamic molding promise to interest a very large number of sectors, 3Deus Dynamics wishes first to devote itself to the healthcare market. The start-up has its sights set on a segment where demand is particularly strong: that of silicone medical devices with complex shapes. The ability of its technology to process a wide range of silicones with hardnesses ranging from 0 to 90 Shore A, could be found in a multitude of DMs. The start-up is thinking of several applications, such as anatomical models, hearing aids, orthopedic insoles or surgical models.

Born from a logic of market pull to be adopted by manufacturers, Dynamic Molding was co-constructed with Elkem Silicones, world leader in the silicone industry. A year ago, the company also participated in the €700,000 raised by 3Deus Dynamics during its first round of seed financing. ” 3Deus Dynamics’ additive manufacturing technology (Dynamic Molding) is a real scientific and application breakthrough. said Frédéric Jacquin, CEO of Elkem Silicones. ” We naturally followed the team from the start of the adventure, combining the unique expertise and speed of the 3Deus Dynamics team with our knowledge of Silicones and their applications.

We firmly believe in this strategy of association between a start-up and a more established company. This is the meaning of our “Open Innovation”. When both the material, Silicone, and the application market, medical, are at the heart of our growth strategy, we are particularly happy to support 3Deus in its ambition.

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