the Google app now allows you to delete your personal data displayed in search results

Google is rolling out a new feature to its Search app on Android. It now makes it easy to request the deletion of personal data about you found in search results.

Have you ever had the curiosity to type your first and last name into Google? If you haven’t done so yet, the results obtained may in many cases surprise you. It is indeed not uncommon to discover that certain personal information, such as your telephone number or your e-mail address, is freely accessible in Google’s search results.

Fortunately, Google already agrees to remove your personal data from its search results if you ask it to do so. But the procedure, quite tedious, already requires finding the right form online. To simplify the process, Google is integrating this possibility directly into its Search application.

Some users of the Google app on Android have seen a new option appear by tapping on their avatar to access the app’s main menu. This “Results about you” function, literally “Results about you”, leads users to a page explaining how to proceed to have their personal information removed from Google search results. This includes, for example, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, or any other private data.

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When a result includes one of these pieces of information, it is possible, by pressing the associated option button, to request its deletion from the results. However, this request must be justified. You will have to specify if it is personal contact information, if this data can be used to do harm, if it is about other private data, if the data reported is illegal or simply obsolete.

Google, which unveiled this new feature during its Google I/O conference last May, then indicated that it would be available in the coming months. According to 9to5Google, US and European users would be served first.

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