The Google Assistant definitely adopts a dark theme!

What initially seemed like a simple bug turned out to be a deliberate choice by Google. The Google Assistant light theme is effectively over on Android 13. The smart app UI will adopt the dark theme exclusively for the future.

Therefore, users who have a smartphone running Android 13 will no longer be able to enjoy the light theme. If the latter had observed this change earlier in the year, Google has just officially confirmed it.

Choosing a dark theme for a supposedly better experience

The appearance of the dark theme in forced mode on the Google Assistant is not new. In fact, many users had already reported earlier this year that the Google Assistant automatically appeared in dark mode. While it was thought that Google would correct this, the adoption of this theme at the expense of the light theme turned out to be a deliberate choice by the multinational Google. Kind of like the recent decision to add new languages ​​to Assistant guest mode.

The company indeed confirmed on November 1st that this change was indeed intentional, and that the Google Assistant will no longer have a light theme on Android 13 from now on. The user interface of the smart application will then exclusively adopt the dark theme, even if the user were to force its deactivation in the settings of his smartphone. The reasons behind this deliberate choice by Google may naturally question users of devices running Android 13.

We learn from a Google employee that:

“Google Assistant regularly tries out new ideas to see what works and what could work better. This includes how to make our products look and feel consistent across our product ecosystem. In order to provide a more useful visual experience across all of your devices, including the Pixel Watch and Google TV, when engaging with Assistant on mobile the bright mode is no longer available — it will now look dark, even if you have disabled the dark theme in your phone settings”.

A choice that would annoy some users of devices running Android 13

Despite the arguments put forward by Google, to justify its choice to opt for the dark theme at the expense of the light theme on its Google Assistant, not everyone seems to agree. Indeed, the many users who prefer the light theme are naturally annoyed by the inconsistent implementation of this unilateral decision. Bitterness is also present on the side of those who already used the scheduling option to activate the dark theme on their different applications depending on the time of day.

We also note that in addition to the Google Assistant user interface, the quick settings panel also has a dark background on Android 13 devices despite the manual deactivation made by the user. Unfortunately, these users who are upset by the firm’s decision to exclude the light theme will have to put up with it. Indeed, for the moment, there is no way to force the Google Assistant to switch back to the light theme on devices running Android 13. Even if this strange choice causes outcry as was the case with the white sound from Google Home.

Moreover, Google does not seem to want to reconsider its decision despite the controversies it already arouses.

Source: xda-developers


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