the government warns of “insufficient” vaccination before the holidays

The government warned on Tuesday against the too low rate of vaccination against Covid-19 and the flu as the end of the year holidays and family gatherings approach.

Vaccination rates against influenza and Covid-19 are “insufficient” as the Christmas holidays approach, when many population mixes will take place, and against a backdrop of deteriorating epidemic indicators, the Ministry of Health warned on Tuesday. Health.

“There are three weeks of mobilization left before Christmas, it is now that it is played”, indicated during a press point the Ministry of Health and Prevention. Vaccination levels today are “not sufficient”, he said.

On Monday, 2 million people had received a booster shot against Covid-19 since the launch of the booster campaign on October 3 with bivalent vaccines. Among them, 1.8 million people have been injected with such vaccines, which target the original strain and the Omicron strain of Covid.

By age group, 9.4% of people aged 80 and over received a dose of bivalent vaccines, as well as 7.2% of people aged 60-79.

A message of “total mobilization”

According to the ministry, only 21% of people aged 80 and over and 37% of people aged 60-79 are today “sufficiently protected by the vaccine or a previous infection”.

Concerning the flu, whose vaccination campaign began on October 18, the figures are down 13% compared to last year, with 5 million vaccines reimbursed by health insurance as of November 20.

“We have a very significant margin for progress”, underlined the Ministry of Health, launching a message of “total mobilization” to all people in the target of vaccination: the over 60s, the immunocompromised, their relatives and health professionals.

People over 60 whose last infection or dose was more than 6 months ago – three months for those over 80 – “can and should have a 5th dose”, insisted the ministry. “It is crucial to guarantee the protection of the most fragile, in a context of resurgence of Covid, and the appearance of the flu epidemic”, he summarized.

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