The international player Cherif Traorè receives a banana as a Christmas present

Treviso rugby player and Italy international Cherif Traorè revealed on Wednesday that one of his club mates gave him a rotten banana as a Christmas present and said he would now speak out against the racism he has suffered. Of Guinean origin, the 28-year-old pillar, who plays for the Benetton club in Treviso, explained that he discovered a rotten banana in Christmas packaging when the club’s players gathered to celebrate Christmas in advance and indulged themselves with gifts. anonymous gifts.

“Not only is the gesture shocking, but what hurt the most was seeing most of my teammates laughing. As if everything was normal,” the player condemned on his Instagram account, accompanied by a completely black photo.

“I’m used, or rather I should be used to putting on a good face every time I hear racist jokes (…), but what happened yesterday was different,” he added. Young people “of different origins” participated in this event and “I have decided not to be silent this time so that incidents like this do not happen again (…) and in the hope that the sender learns his lesson,” wrote the player.

In a statement, his club reiterated its “strong condemnation of any expression of racism and/or any form of discrimination”, adding that they “are not part of our culture and do not represent our identity or our values”. Cherif Traorè has 10 selections for the Italian national team since 2019.

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