the Kappa technology that revolutionized the football shirt

Created in the 2000s, Kappa’s Kombat technology reinvented the football shirt with its close-fitting cut and elasticity.

Auxerre. Playstation 2. Kappa. When we evoke these three words in a row, we directly imagine Djibril Cissé, Philippe Mexès or even Kanga Akalé in a tight white outfit.

If this outfit has become one of the most iconic in Ligue 1, it is thanks in particular to Kappa and its Kombat technology. An invention that has shaken up the codes of the football shirt.

Kombat Pro, a 20-year-old technology

After a first successful partnership with Juventus, the Italian equipment supplier manages to sign contracts with AS Monaco, FC Barcelona and Ajax Amsterdam. The Holy Grail came in 1999 when Kappa won the Italian National Team. And that’s exactly the moment chosen by Emanuele Ostini, designer at Kappa, to unveil his new invention: the Kombat Pro.

At the time, the jerseys were wide and did not necessarily adapt to the morphologies of footballers. “Kombat technology allows the jersey to be lighter and more comfortable “, explains Filippo Maffiotti marketing manager at Kappa.

“It was also invented so that opponents could no longer pull shirts so easily. Because the outfit is elastic, it is easier for the referee to see the foul.”. Smart.

A technology present on the footpack jersey

As you know, we unveiled our jersey. Black and gold, the jersey is part of a lifestyle universe, but also a performance one. Indeed, this outfit made in collaboration with Kappa has Kombat Pro technology. And not just any, since it is the one that will be used on the future jerseys of the Italian equipment manufacturer during the 2023-2024 season. The perfect outfit for going to the gym and walking down the street.

For those who wish to buy it, we have set up a shop on our website.

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