The LG screen displays a 12″ screen that can be extended up to 14″

Foldable displays are gaining traction in the smartphone market, but a related technology, stretch displays, is emerging. LG Display introduced a 12-inch panel that can be stretched to 14 inches and released to 12 inches without damaging it.

This type of flexible and stretchable screen (or “free-form” screen as LG calls it) can be used in clothing and furniture as it can easily conform to complex shapes and the ability to stretch will make it more comfortable to wear (or sit on). on – its construction is quite durable).

LG Display foresees uses in various industries, including “fashion, wearables, mobility, and gaming.” It can even find a place in the automobile and aeronautical industry.

The display is fairly high quality as far as prototype panels go – at 100ppi it has a pixel density similar to that of a 40-inch 4K TV. And it has full-color RGB capabilities. The screen is built on a special silicon substrate which is also used for contact lenses. It features micro-LEDs (less than 40µm) that are connected via S-shaped springs instead of straight wires so they can stretch 20% without breaking.

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