the little sex toy that looked too big

With its mini format and Wavemotion technology, the Ida Wave from Lelo has everything great, especially the price.

Completely unnoticed this summer, the Lelo Ida Wave deserved some attention. Without really revolutionizing the sextech market, the tiny connected sex toy offers a double stimulation able to imitate the movement of the fingers, thanks to WaveMotion technology.

Experience the Ida wave

Design: original and compact

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Lelo has already accustomed us to original designs: the Dot, released just a few months ago, is a sign of a small technical revolution in itself, and the Enigma Cruise, presented last year, looks like a UFO. With its Ida Wave, the brand offers itself a mini format, for double stimulation. On the curved part there is a powerful vibrating motor at 130 Hz intended for external clitoral stimulation. However, the whole point of the device lies in its tiny insertable motorized arm, designed to mimic the movements of a partner’s finger.

With its 6 cm long and 2.7 cm wide, the insertable part of the Ida Wave soothes: unlike most penetrating models of the brand, which have a much larger format, the small stimulator shines with its small size. Assuming you ignore the price, Newbies should find their account easily, which is rare enough to be mentioned when talking about penetration at Lelo. Remember that the Ina Wave rabbit and the Loki Wave prostate massager, for comparison, have a diameter of up to 4.2 cm and about ten centimeters long.

sextech lelo ida wave
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As always with Lelo products Ida Wave enjoys a perfect finish, with its signature golden ABS plastic plate and its biomedical silicone unibody cover. The softness and resistance of the material no longer have to be proven, but it is in terms of health and hygiene that it remains most interesting: unlike certain polymers used on the market, silicone is inert and non-porous. Once in contact with the mucous membranes, it is not possible to exchange molecules or chemical substances. To date, it is one of most reliable and safe materialssuch as metal and borosilicate glass.

Unlike the vast majority of Lelo products, which systematically have the same three control buttons, the Ida Wave has only one, and that is ultimately a good point. A long press to start, a short press to navigate between the four intensities and that’s it. To access the full technical sheet of the sex toy, you must use go through the dedicated application. Only regret: the device does not benefit from its usual lock command, but still very convenient on a daily basis.

WaveMotion: the technology that the Ida was missing

Compared to the very first Ida model released a few years earlier, Lelo innovates by equipping its double stimulator with WaveMotion technology, already present on the Ina wave. In addition to its low-frequency vibrations, the insertable part of the sex toy will work circular movements over an amplitude of approx. 3 cm. Purpose: to stimulate the inner part of the clitoris – also called the G-zone – generally more sensitive to tapping than to back and forth.

Especially on this point, Lelo masters its trade. The WaveMotion technology is not new, but it stands out as an interesting feature, and used too little of the brand, in favor of Cruise Control, which is now found on the majority of Lelo sex toys. By adding WaveMotion to its Ida, released in 2014, the manufacturer gives its dual stimulator a new lease of life.

On the current side, there are low-frequency vibrations at 130 Hz for the vibration motor. Ida Wave is certainly not the most powerful of the brand, but stands out as the lively cousin of Sila Cruise, which convinced us when it was released. However, despite its low-frequency vibrations, you cannot escape a certain refractory period between two orgasms, which will be more or less long depending on your sensitivity. In the vibration game, the brand’s products would benefit from adopting technology Infinite loop initiated a few months ago by Lelo Dot.

Usage: a remote control would have been sufficient

Lelo never had the ambition for that establish themselves in the connected sextech market. The brand took this position at a conference held a few months ago at the erotic literature fair, and the Ida wave confirms this position. The stimulator is meant to be easy to use with its single button, but ends up getting lost when we look at its dedicated application.

If downloading and pairing the sex toy with the smartphone isn’t complicated, it is the interest of the application itself, which has difficulty convincing us. In addition to being in English and not really intuitive, it stands out as a simple Bluetooth remote control: by tilting the smartphone or shaking it more or less frantically, it is thus possible to synchronize the intensity of a movement on the penis. toys via the shake and screw modes. The idea is not bad, but it is far from revolutionary. In particular, we would have preferred to be able to independently control the sex toy’s two motors, as the Satisfyer already offers.

In the end, the most interesting mode remains the most technical: from the Settings tab, it is possible to configure the modes of the Ida Wave for its next offline use. The sex toy naturally integrates four vibration intensities, but can accommodate up to 10 modes thanks to the application. If not strictly intended for connected use, this functionality is still the most successful. Another notable good point in terms of security: the application does not require no registration to access the content. In addition to the technical aspects, the application also provides access to some blog posts and erotic texts… always in English.

The whole problem with the Lelo application ultimately lies in the fact that the smartphone only works as one bluetooth remote control. It is actually impossible to remotely control Ida Wave via Wi-Fi by handing control over to a partner. In contrast to e.g. We-Vibe or Lovense, it is also not possible to synchronize two sex toys with each other to enjoy shared sensations. In this game, the competition does much better and a simple remote control would have been more than enough. To enjoy the most effective connected experience possible, it is better to bet on Satisfyer, We-Vibe or Lovense.

On a daily basis: we stay hungry

Lelo’s failure to connect to his Ida Wave in no way detracts from the sex toy’s qualities in terms of pure performance. The connected object stands out as a really good dual stimulator for beginners, with intense vibrations on the outer partbut a little weak in the G area.

We could often blame the brand for betting too much on the power of its erotic toys, here it’s the complete opposite. The product remains very effective, but we probably would have liked a little more intensity. Especially since the WaveMotion technology integrates perfectly stimulation by pressing on the inner clitoris, the curved design of the motorized arm is not always the most efficient. A domed end would probably have been more successful.

However, the Ida Wave is far from a bad surprise: its small size and moderate intensity make it an excellent sex toy for beginners. If not perfect, its design ensures effective positioning to stimulate both the outer clitoris and the G-zone, which is not always the case with a dual stimulator. Its curved motorized arm also allows hands-free use, convenient to use the application simultaneously. In addition, its single button fits perfectly under the fingers and is very easy to use.

sextech lelo ida wave
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On the autonomy side, we find a ratio quite correct, with two hours of charging for a little more than two hours of autonomy thanks to its 520 mAh battery. The Ida wave can promote slow sex, it’s more than enough to trigger orgasms. Low-frequency vibrations oblige, the device also benefits from a very discreet sound level, which peaks at 40 dB at its maximum intensity. That’s clear, and as with all the brand’s products, there’s also a one-year warranty and an IPX7 waterproof certification.

Price and availability

With its small size and its adjustable intensity, the Ida Wave has all the perfect sex toys to start double stimulation. Far from the impressive Duo 2 of Womanizer and Enigma Cruise, the device released in August 2022 allows softer sensations, but just as effective. Its priced at €189 and yet its messy application is enough to deter us.

Experience the Ida wave

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