The marketing of fiber begins in Joigny

“There is a great expectation, people who ask us. But not everyone necessarily needs fibre”, highlights Éric Apffel, municipal council member responsible for digital. One thing is certain: optical fiber is indeed arriving in Joigny.

In order to warn the inhabitants and answer the various questions, a public meeting was held on the evening of Monday 19 December in the living rooms of Joigny town hall. From the end of the month, some Joviniens will be able to take out a fiber subscription.

A public meeting dedicated to the arrival of fiber

In line with the ministry’s commitment, which promises that the entire Ikaunian area will be connected by the end of 2023. “It is the departmental council that is responsible for the expansion of the fiber network. But the department prefers that it is the local elected representatives who speak to the citizens. It is in this logic that we organized this public meeting”, explains Éric Apffel.

This new Internet access technology makes browsing easier by making it faster and more reliable. Fiber works through a flexible glass or plastic wire that allows high-speed data transfer. At present, the fiber network under development in Joigny concerns the public part of the network.

Fiber optics: implementation is complete for a large third of the Yonne department

From now on, it is up to the individual to request the connection of their home. “There are areas in Joigny where residents can now sign a fiber contract. While in other places it will be in 1 month or even between 3 and 6 months. But at the moment there is no house with fiber that fits inside”, remembers Éric Apffel.

From the end of December, operators present on Jovinia will be able to start connections. Installation times may vary depending on the specifications of the homes and the availability of technicians. Depending on your home’s eligibility for fiber and your personal situation (owner or tenant), the connection conditions are different.

€461,000 investment for inter-municipal cooperation

Each resident is free to choose which internet provider they wish to subscribe to. For all fiber-eligible homes, it is up to the suppliers to connect the home to the common network. Beware of deceptive marketing practices.

“There are big stakes. From the moment everything is finished on the network, there is commercial freezing, which opens for three months. During this period, the fiber works. The operators know that they will be able to use this fiber three months later. , which gives them time to prepare their offer. There are frauds, you must be wary of prices, promotional offers and the duration of the commitment”, warns Éric Apffel.

premium In Puisaye-Forterre, the arrival of optical fiber accelerates the discussions

Depending on the uses of the individual internet user, fiber does not seem to be essential in the eyes of the municipal council member: “It is interesting for people who need speed on the internet, especially if several people commute remotely at the same time in the same house … The same, when you need to send large files. But those who are happy with ADSL have no obligation to take fibre.”

In total, the Community of Municipalities of Jovinien (CCJ) has invested €461,000 for the expansion of fiber in its territory. The Institute for Yonne leads the digital development plan. At its side, the state, the region, the municipalities and the urban community, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) also participate in the financing program for very high speed development.

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