The mask must be worn more regularly.

This is a strong recommendation from the medical academy. The institution made this known a few days ago. The current health situation justifies it due to the return of many viruses such as the flu. flu and Covid can thus constitute a bad cocktail

Most of us got rid of this protection a long time ago. And often with relief.
Recommended, the mask is no longer mandatory. But he could well make his big comeback. In any case, this is what the Academy of Medicine recommends, which considers that it becomes “necessary” again.
First of all to limit any rebound of the Covid, frequent at the end of the year. And also and above all to avoid the risk of double infection. Because the so-called “winter” viruses, which also concern our region, are currently rife. Influenza, gastroenteritis and bronchiolitis, in infants, which in places are at an epidemic or pre-epidemic stage.

Wearing a mask is compulsory at school from CP

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The academy thus relies on observations made during the 2020-2021 season. No active circulation of the flu, in particular, had been observed, due to the wearing of a mask, and respect for barrier gestures.
As a reminder, after 15 weeks of consecutive declines in Guadeloupe, the number of covid cases experienced a sharp rebound between October 17 and 23.

the National Academy of Medicine recommends :

– the wearing of an FFP2 type mask in enclosed public spaces for the elderly or carriers of comorbidities, for the entourage and health professionals who are in contact with vulnerable people, and for pregnant women, even when they are up to date with their vaccinations;

– the wearing of a surgical-type mask in hospitals, dispensaries, health centers and pharmacies, and in closed spaces open to the public, such as public transport during busy periods;

– the systematic use of hydroalcoholic gel in places open to the public.

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