The Matter smart home standard is coming near you with Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and more.

The long-awaited Matter smart home standard has officially launched in Amsterdam. It’s always been tempting to dismiss Matter as a fad, but like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this new standard has overwhelming support from many of the companies we’ve listed. below.

While many new smart home products are ready to ship with Matter (190 products have been certified or are awaiting testing), what’s really interesting is that many current devices will also receive updates. firmware update to be compatible.

Hardware support will naturally vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the biggest announcement made so far comes from Amazon. Its smart home director, Marja Koopmans, said at the launch event that it is expected to roll out an update to 17 types of Wi-Fi-connected Echo devices in December, followed by more. other types of devices. Your Echo can then become a controller for your Other Matter devices.

“Matter provides a new opportunity to further simplify development for device manufacturers and improve the customer experience of smart home devices from a range of different companies and brands,” Mr. Koopmans added.

Eve also announced that three of its products — Eve Energy, Eve Door and Window, and Eve Motion — will receive a firmware update over the air on December 12.

As for Philips Hue, its gateway will be updated to the standard in early 2023, so all existing and new Philips Hue lights and accessories will be compatible with Matter (except for the Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box). Play and Philips Hue Tap Dial Switch Dial, as Matter does not yet support such devices).

Matter was developed by an organization called the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), and besides Amazon, Apple, and Google, companies committed to it include Eve Systems, GE Lighting, LG Electronics, Nanoleaf, Oppo, Resideo, Samsung, Signify (Philips Hue and Wiz), TCL and Texas Instruments.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung’s SmartThings will all be Matter apps on Android. On iOS, you will be able to use the Home app.

With the initial launch of Matter, a variety of popular smart home products are supported, including lighting and electrical, heating controls, window coverings and blinds, security and privacy sensors. security and door locks. Work has also begun to support categories such as cameras and home appliances.

At launch, it was announced that makers of Matter devices will need to go through Amazon’s Works With Alexa program to carry the “Works with Alexa” logo on Matter devices.

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