The most secure DEXs to store your cryptocurrencies in November 2022

With the FTX crash and surely others to come, we advise you to store your cryptocurrencies in decentralized exchanges. The world of decentralized finance has experienced a boom in recent years. DEX or decentralized exchange now offer their users decentralized platforms dedicated to cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as token storage wallets, without going through a centralized platform. For this month of November, discover the secure storage wallets for your capital.

After FTX, it is no longer good to store your cryptos on a centralized exchange

The FTX platform recently experienced a price crash. The FTX platform also came close to having its holdings taken over by the Binance platform. An aborted transaction, according to the Binance representative’s announcement last week, fortunately. After the exposure of the questionable transactions that took place on the platform, the new boss of FTX said that the team is doing everything possible in order to secure all assets.

However, the outcome of these dodgy transactions resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being stolen. Most FTX users will probably never see their funds again and it could still happen if centralized exchanges crash with your cryptocurrencies.

The security of digital currencies is very important for traders. The option of decentralized platforms should not be overlooked. At the same time, wallets in centralized platforms, such as Bitcoin, are also not to be taken lightly.

The Zengo cryptocurrency app

It is one of the best decentralized platforms for trading securely in the world of cryptocurrency. It is also an ideal platform for novice investors wishing to start in the world of cryptocurrency. Signing up on the Zengo app is safe, as Face ID is implemented to enhance asset protection. The platform is also appreciated by many cryptocurrency users, especially investors for its reduced yield on stablecoins at only 8% with APY.

The platform participates in the democratization of accessibility in the world of cryptocurrency.

The DeFi Swap crypto platform to store your capital

It is the best decentralized cryptocurrency staking platform in the crypto world. This platform offers many advantages for investors who want to store their digital currencies in a digital wallet:

  • The DeFi platform is home to a strong digital community that offers various services such as staking (placing funds in a savings account), token exchange and yield farming for assets;
  • The decentralized platform works using its native token, the DeFi Coin;
  • Its interface is available regardless of the browser used by the assets;
  • Its construction base, which is the BNB Chain, offers the possibility of buying a BNB and exchanging it for the tokens available on the platform;
  • Nearly 50 tokens are supported by the platform, including DAI, ANKR, and many others;
  • Staking is also available for investors and assets who want to lock their tokens for a fixed period, and thus generate income for reward;
  • A rate of 10% is applied to each purchase or sale of the native token. Half of this rate is distributed to native token holders as a dividend.

Thanks to its advantages, the DeFi Swap platform is the best decentralized and secure platform dedicated to investors.

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