The new world of Bacchus or technology at the service of wine

The tasting takes place in the brand new Parisian restaurant of Omar Dhiab, former star chef of Loiseau Rive Gauche. But if the dishes are a finesse, then the guests who gathered that day came to celebrate the surprising wedding of technology and the diving bottle. Your host? Nicolas Naigeon, a biological engineer caught in his family history. This grandson of winegrowers in Burgundy has developed the Aveine (1), a connected stopper capable of aerating wine instantly and without adding gas. Simply place it on the bottle neck, pair it with your smartphone and scan its label (or fill out a questionnaire) to find out the recommended aeration time (up to 24 hours) depending on the year’s grape variety. the producer, of the geographical origin … or even of his own consumption habits. It is the passage of the wine through the aerator that replaces decanting.

Wine and champagne: the “Obs” selection for the year-end party

“The technology must benefit the wine. It does not turn a bad wine into a good wine, but it allows it to be revealed”, assures this keen promoter of WineTech, a French ecosystem that connects start-ups and wine players and encourages innovation. Like the start-up Chouette’s wine monitoring drones, the crowdfunding platform WineFunding or the augmented reality brands from Smartbottle… An increase in technology in a sector that is nevertheless traditional and increasingly driven by the “natural” like this the vintner-owner defends enthusiastically: “ Even the estate that produces the most natural wine in the world puts sensors in its vines. The consumer today has the same bottle in front of him as a hundred years ago. For him, nothing has changed; when in reality everything has changed. »

The sequel after the ad

(1) Aveine or Aveine essential aerators: from 1 to 24 hours of aeration depending on the model. From €249.

  • The storage cap
Coravin storage cap (JUSTIN DE SOUZA/ CORAVIN)

the American Coravin has designed a fun gun, equipped with fine needles, that makes it possible to serve wine without removing the cork. The goal ? Could enjoy a glass and keep an ‘open’ bottle for weeks – without spoiling the wine. Now applies to sparkling wines.

Different models: Pivot from €129.99, Timeless Six + from €259.99, and Coravin Sparkling from €449.99.


fun and practical, Vinidaily is a free and made in France app that allows you to choose the bottle that matches your profile from a picture of the wine section of a supermarket. It is also possible to order your bottles from the application.

The “Ultima” glass from Royal Glass (ROYAL GLASS)

Jean-Pierre Lagneau, designer, and Laurent Vialette, wine expert, took fifteen years to create the “perfect” tasting glass, Ultimate. Honored by Arpège, the restaurant of star chef Alain Passard or Domaine de Romanée-Conti, it combines special design and innovative materials.

Multiple combinations from €43.80.

Environmentally responsible packaging


After an initial launch in 2020, champagne house Ruinart continues its quest for innovation with this new case – 100% cellulose and 100% recyclable – which required two years of research. If it only suits Dom Ruinart 2010 today, it will eventually cover all the bottles in the house.

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