the Sang et Or are doing well and getting closer to PSG

It’s over ! Lens is doing well and getting closer to PSG

Thomas Leonard whistles the end of the match in Angers. The Lensois won and came back to within two points of PSG who are playing this Sunday on the lawn of Lorient. The Angevins remain last in the Championship.

Danso takes a yellow

The Lensois defender is warned by Thomas Leonard for an anti-game gesture.

5 additional minutes

The Angevins have 5 minutes of additional time to try to snatch a point.

Houtoundji wins with a header

Seconds after Blazic’s winning header, his defense team-mate tries to imitate him but Cédric Houtoundji misses the target.

Blazic restores hope

While there was almost no more, Blazic gives hope to the Angevins on a corner perfectly taken by Bentaleb.

Samba takes a yellow

For saving time, Brice Samba takes a yellow card.

Double change for Lens

Franck Haise makes two new changes with the entries of Onana and Boura in place of Gradit and Machado.

Another opportunity for Lens

Definitely the Lensoise opportunities follow one another at the end of the match. Fofana finds Claude-Maurice at the far post but he cannot resume as he wanted to score.

What a rescue from Mendy

Mendy is well placed on the head of Sotoca to save his camp while the head of the Lensois seemed to take the direction of the goal.

Big opportunity for Openda

Loïs Openda is launched in depth and tries to overflow Blazic but the Angevin defender deviates slightly for a corner.

Capelle is warned

Pierrick Capelle is warned for dispute. This is the first card of the evening.

New changes for Angers

Adrien Hunou and Farid El Melali are replaced by Sada Thioub and Himad Abdelli for the last quarter of an hour of this match.

Perreira Da Costa comes out

Just after hitting the post, Perreira Da Costa comes out and is replaced by former Niçois Alexis Claude-Maurice.

The post for Lens

Perreira Da Costa crosses to Sotoca who lets the ball pass. It is the post that saves Yahia Fofana who seemed surprised by this gesture from Sotoca.

Double change for Angers

Gérald Baticle tries to reverse the trend with the entries of Capelle and Sima in place of Salama and Ounahi.

Angers can’t do it at all anymore

The Angevins can no longer get out the slightest ball and the Lensois continue to press where it hurts.

Fofana close to the goal

Seko Fofana was close to adding a third goal after Nabil Bentaleb lost the ball just outside his penalty area.

Double change for Lens

Franck Haise makes two changes with the exits of the two scorers. Facundo Medina and Wesley Saïd leave and are replaced by Massadio Haïdara and Loïs Openda.

Fofana wins on a strike from Fofana

The two Fofana take action. Yahia Fofana intervenes well on a powerful strike from Seko Fofana.

Medina is affected

After a release Facundo Medina seems to suffer from the right foot. The Argentine defender resumes, all the same, his place.

Medina gives Lens a two-goal lead

The Sang et Or break on a free kick. Frankowski finds Danso at the back post who puts the ball back in the axis towards Medina who only has to push the ball.

Salama gets up but…

Amine Salama gets up but seems, despite everything, to suffer and limps very low.

Salama seems to be in pain

After a tackle from Gradit on the ankle of Amine Salama, the Angers striker remains on the ground and the healers come to his bedside.

It resumes in Angers

The 22 players returned to the lawn of the Raymond-Kopa stadium and the kick-off of the second period has just been given.

It’s half-time in Angers

Thomas Leonard whistles the end of this first period. The Sang et Or logically lead to Angers thanks to a goal from Wesley Saïd.

Saïd tries a return

After a failed recovery from Mendy, Wesley Saïd tries a return but the latter passes just above the cages of Yahia Fofana.

Salama takes his chance

Amine Salama takes his chance in first intention on a pass from El Melali but Brice Samba seizes the ball without difficulty.

Perreira Da Costa too short

Another big chance for Lens! Machado crosses in first intention after a shift from Seko Fofana but Perreira Da Costa is too short.

What an opportunity for Angers

The SCO was very close to returning to the height. Nabil Bentaleb hits a corner on the head of Hunou who misses the target by a few centimeters.

Salama misses his free kick

While he was in an interesting position, Amine Salama takes off his strike too much which does not worry Brice Samba.

Salama gets a good free kick

Amine Salama gets a good free kick after a foul from Frankowski about twenty meters from Brice Samba’s cages.

Sotoca strikes

After a good Lensois movement, Florian Sotoca takes his chance from a long distance but Fofana is on the trajectory and grabs the leather.

There is breakage

After several consecutive duels, two players remain on the ground without the referee intervening. Gérald Baticle is angry on his bench.

Saïd close to doubling

What a double opportunity for Wesley Said. David Perreira Da Costa eliminates El Melali and crosses but the former Toulousain misses his volley a little bit which goes just wide.

Fofana captures the ball

Yahia Fofana captures the ball from a cross from Sotoca which was less successful than on his previous attempt.

Saïd opens the scoring

The Lensois opened the scoring on the first chance of the match. Florian Sotoca finds a very nice gesture Wesley Saïd which concludes perfectly.

The Lensois settle down

After a quarter of an hour of observation, the Sang et Or gradually seem to take the measure of the Angevins who are suffering a little more.

Thomas Leonard lets play

Since the beginning of this meeting, the referee lets play a lot and that annoys the Angevin bench.

Good defense from Danso

Kevin Danso intervenes perfectly in front of Amine Salama who was trying to outflank the Austrian defender.

Medina seeks Frankowski

After an interesting movement from Lensois, Facundo Medina tries to launch Frankowski but the Argentinian’s ball is too long.

Disappointing start

This start to the meeting is particularly disappointing. Both teams are making a lot of mistakes and there is a little rhythm.

Some clumsiness

The beginning of this match is marked by some technical errors on both sides.

Samba comes out

On an opening from Fofana towards Salama, Brice Samba is forced to go out in front of the Angers striker after a disagreement in the Lensoise defense.

Here we go !

Thomas Leonard kicks off this 3rd match of the 14th day of Ligue 1. The RCL moves on the lawn of Angers, last, and can approach PSG at the top of the classification.

Both teams have finished their warm-up

The two teams have just finished their warm-up and return to the locker room just over 10 minutes from the kick-off of this meeting of the 14th day of Ligue 1.

The solid Blood and Gold outside

Of the last 10 Lensois trips, the Northerners have lost only once in Ligue 1. The mission promises to be tough for Angers, 19th at home.

Lens struggles against Angers

Even if the Sang et Or are confident this season, confrontations against Angers are never easy. Indeed, the Scoistes have lost only one of the four games played between the two teams in Ligue 1 in the 21st century.

The composition of the SCO

Here is the Angevin composition with a 3-5-2 set up by Baticle: Y. Fofana – Amadou, Hountondji, Blazic – El Melali, Mendy, Ounahi, Bentaleb (cap.), Doumbia – Hunou, Salama.

The lensoise composition

Here is the Lensois starting lineup with the return of Sotoca and Medina but without Openda: Samba – Gradit, Danso, Medina – Frankowski, Abdul Samed, S. Fofana (cap.), Machado – Sotoca, Saïd, Pereira Da Costa.

Goodnight all

Good evening everyone and welcome to the RMC Sport website to follow the match of the 14th day of Ligue 1 between SCO d’Angers and Racing Club de Lens live.

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