Spending time outdoors with the family contemplating the sparkling snow, cheeks rosy from the cold is without doubt one of the little pleasures that many cherish during the winter season.

Moreover, the best way to face the cold season with confidence is to be well equipped… from head to toe! And when it’s time to get your shoes on, head to L’Équipeur to find the shoe that’s right for you.

While the Canadian retailer has built its reputation as leader clothing and boots for work, it also offers several products with technical innovations that make life easier for Quebecers.

These include an exclusive line of slip-resistant boots, available at L’Équipeur, with IceFX® technology that provides increased safety, comfort and confidence on every winter outing. An effective way to reduce the risk of falls and slips this winter!

What is IceFX® Technology?

With its innovative design, the IceFX® technology provides better grip on the ground – in the heel and forefoot – thanks to its non-slip sole on icy surfaces.

Two innovations allow you to walk confidently on ice: ICELANDIC GRIPTMan abrasive material reminiscent of fiber, designed to grip wet ice, and GREEN DIAMOND® technology, a synthetic quartz impregnated in the rubber.

Well adapted to the reality of cold countries, this technology includes a non-slip outsole that improves contact with the surface, a flexible rubber compound that performs in cold weather and advanced grip that helps prevent slipping.

Tested and approved

This state-of-the-art technology has been tested in the laboratory to measure its effectiveness. Specialists at the KITE Research Institute in Toronto put popular boots sold in Canada to the test, having participants walk on one icy and one wet surface.

The test allowed to assign a result in the form of “flakes” for each model. To get at least one snowflake, the four participants who tested the boots had to be able to ascend and descend at an incline of 7 degrees or more without slipping dangerously on both kinds of ice.

Results ? A collection of boots equipped with IceFX® technology, offered at L’Équipeur, is part of the small selection of models that passed the test.

As much for men, women as children, L’Équipeur offers an assortment of winter boots with IceFX® technology for the whole family.

IceFX® technology can also be found in the work boot department and soon, dogs will be entitled to it too. Available from several sought-after brands such as WindRiver, Helly Hansen, Dakota and Denver Hayes, you will find these boots and a wide range of products in store to keep you warm and safe this winter.

Walk confidently this winter with slip-resistant boots featuring IceFX® technology, exclusive to The Mark’s.

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