the virus that would target 400 banking and cryptocurrency applications

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has warned about the Godfather virus, which infects Android smartphones. This Trojan horse allows hackers to obtain banking information and cryptocurrency application information through fake login pages.

The German financial policeman warns against the Godfather virus

The German financial policeman known as the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has warned about the Godfather virus, malware that attacks banking and cryptocurrency applications. The number of targeted applications would be 400.

However, there is relatively little information about how Godfather infects devices and the specific platforms it targets. When the device is infected, the virus would generate fake versions of the login pages for genuine applications. When a user tries to log in, the information will be passed on to hackers to steal the funds in the real accounts.

Notifications can also be sent to the victim’s device to invite him to enter your double authentication codeto also pick up the latter.

Last December, cyber security firm Group-IB had already warned about the subject and estimated that the Godfather virus would be operational since June 2021, and would be an improved version of the Trojan Anubiswho had a similar operation:

Godfather would target smartphones running on Androidwhose updates had just made it possible to fight Anubis.

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How to protect against it?

Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe to eliminate the risk of your device becoming infected. However, Groupe IB noted that this could be done through download third party apps from play store. It is therefore necessary to be sure about the application you want to download.

Also note that a virus like Godfather could very well found in archives available for free on the webwhile the application it hosts is supposed to be paid.

In addition to two-factor authentications (2FA), it can be interesting add a physical validation mechanism on money-related apps. For example, YubiKeys from the Yubiko company plug into a USB port and serve as extra security when connecting to a service.

In addition to protecting wallets, Ledger hardware wallets can also fulfill this role, through the Fido U2F app. This allows you to validate a physical connection to access an account, an email address or certain social networks. This application is installed from Ledger Live:

Fido Ledger

Figure 1 – Fido U2F on Ledger Live

Some exchanges like Binance enable physical validation when withdrawing funds. To do this, go to the security settings:

Binance Security

Figure 2 – Security menu on Binance

Regarding two-factor authentication via email, more and more platforms also allow you to configure a keyword that will be recalled in the email. to make sure it’s not a phishing attempt. In general, caution when downloading an app is still the best advice.

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Sources: BaFin, Images: Binance, Ledger Live

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