The work of the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (CoNaSTI) was launched in Pétion-Ville

Saturday, December 31, 2022 ((–

It consists of 36 members from academia and research, the public service, the socio-economic sector and the Haitian diaspora. One of its main missions is to promote the development and improvement of national science, technology and innovation policies.

In essence, this is the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (CoNaSTI), whose work was inaugurated on Friday, December 30, 2022 in Pétion-Ville during a ceremony presided over by the Minister of National Education and Vocational Training.

Professor Nesmy Manigat wanted to pay tribute to the accessibility and commitment of each member of CoNaSTI to want to make science, technology and innovation national priorities, which must first of all be presented as such through the education of Haitian children and youth from preschool to university education.

According to Minister Manigat, the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (CoNaSTI) reflects a plot for science, a promising project for the country. This is a tool that will be useful for the transformation of the country. And this transformation will not be possible without the transformation of the Haitian school, continued the holder of National Education, reminding that Haiti needs science and technology to manage the present well and project itself into the future.

In the same way, the minister suggested the commissioners in their work not to forget local issues, local knowledge to consolidate the connection between all Haitians.

For the holder of National Education, school and university are the best places to establish these priorities, the best places that can guarantee their acquisition and development. Because it is in these places that young people meet, those who animate the present in this country, also those who will be responsible for thinking about a better future for this country. But who will be able to imagine this development for the benefit of all – through all sectors of activity – without in the foreground giving a place to science, technology and innovation, themes that have become inseparable as they are one of the others, he continued.

“The ceremony to launch the work of CoNaSTI can – rightly – be considered a congress that wants to put science at the service of the country”, declared the President of the Commission for his part. Dr. Evens Emmanuel is pleased that this commission is made up of Haitians working both in the country and abroad, all driven by the desire to reinforce the role of scientific and technological knowledge, not only in the definition and implementation of public policies, but also in economic production.

The members of CoNaSTI unanimously expressed their appreciation for this initiative, which they believe will be an invaluable contribution to Haitian education. In this sense, the Commission is called upon to rekindle the flame of hope in the country, they suggested.

The members of CoNaSTI are selected because of their skills in higher education, scientific research, science policy, scientific culture, science and technology, science diplomacy or because of the experience acquired in the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge and in scientific and international Cooperation. encouraged to divide themselves into groups or sub-committees of experts responsible for working on the theoretical corpora that will guide and strengthen national policy in terms of science, technology and development.

According to the decree signed by Minister Nesmy Manigat – dated July 29, 2022 – CoNaSTI is a strategic body for consultation, reflection and scientific policy proposals, working under the supervision of the Minister of National Education and Vocational Training.

The Commission’s office is composed of: Mr. Evens Emmanuel (Chairman); Mr. Hervé Boursiquot (Vice-President); Ms Guerlande Bien-Aimé (Secretary); Mrs. Marie Josée Berger (member); Mr. Jacques Abraham (member).

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