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Turkey’s first high-tech battery-powered domestic trolleybus, which is designed and manufactured by Turkish engineer and carries passengers without being connected to the catenary line (power supply line), will start running in 2023.

Bozankaya company presented “Trambus”, “Turkey’s first high-tech battery-powered domestic trolleybus”, during the promotion ceremony held at its factories in Ankara, Sincan 1ʳᵉ Organized Industrial Zone.

The first vehicle of the fleet of 12 vehicles specially produced for the Capital Municipality of Şanlıurfa has been delivered. These vehicles are expected to enter service in 2023.

Electric Trolley Bus from Turkey

Electric Trolley Bus from Turkey

The vehicles, designed and produced by 100% Turkish engineering and able to reach a maximum autonomy of 50 kilometers with their batteries without being connected to the catenary line, have been produced with unlimited autonomy thanks to their batteries which can be charged on the go .

This saves time, fuel and maintenance costs. Trolleybuses save up to 40% fuel in one day compared to diesel cars, while this rate increases to 80% in maintenance. The financial equivalent of these savings is 3.5 million lira per year for Şanlıurfa in fuel alone.

It will not damage the historical texture

The vehicles stand out in the fight against climate change with their features such as 24/7 operation, zero CO2 emissions, energy saving and a battery-powered system.

Turkey Electric Trolley Bus Engineers

The trolleybuses, which can accommodate a total of 160 people, will have a daily transport capacity of 95,000 passengers and a seated passenger capacity of 32%, while vehicle safety and maintenance periods will be remotely monitored using software.embedded smart.

The trolleybus fleet was designed as 18 meters to transport passengers through the narrow streets of the city road, between historic buildings and in protected areas.

Vibration-free and silent electric motors have been manufactured so as not to damage the historic structure of the city. Wi-Fi service will also be offered to passengers in the vehicle, which has a tropical air conditioning system that cools to 60 degrees, especially for the climatic conditions of Şanlıurfa.

The technician on an electric trolleybus test bench from Turkey


The first local metro set will be delivered in the first quarter of 2023

In his speech at the ceremony, Bozankaya Chairman of the Board Aytunç Günay said that these trolleybuses will be an ideal green transportation solution in big cities with their low start-up and operating costs, being able to carry more passengers, being an environmentally friendly and energy-friendly transportation. savings project.

Günay clarified that the infrastructure of the overhead line could not be established in historical places and that the vehicle could circulate without being connected to the line thanks to the battery of the vehicle in question.

Noting that they aim to export the vehicles in question abroad, Günay said they are currently preparing three overseas tenders.

The interior of the electric trolleybus

The interior of the electric trolleybus

Stressing that Turkey’s first domestic metro set to be used on the Gebze-Darıca metro line will be delivered in the first quarter of 2023, Günay said road tests will start after 4-5 months. Günay noted that the production of the high-tech driverless metro is about to end, then they will go to the test phase.


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