These tips from an American cardiologist on the worst foods to avoid will help you stabilize your cholesterol. In this sense, to keep your heart healthy, avoid consuming these 4 foods at all costs. In particular, red meat, fried foods, processed meats and industrial bakery and pastry promote bad cholesterol.

Advice from a cardiologist

To stabilize your cholesterol level, you actually have to change your diet and lifestyle.
In this direction, a balanced diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease according to the advice of a cardiologist.
Apparently, our body needs a small amount of cholesterol to function properly, but we must take care of our diet.

Especially saturated fat raises bad LDL cholesterol causing plaque build-up in the arteries.
On the other hand, good HDL cholesterol helps remove LDL to minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease.
And still, the majority of people eat twice as much food than what the doctors recommend.
Therefore, this bad habit can cause weight gain and promote bad LDL cholesterol.
Moreover, Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, cardiologist and founder of Step One Foods reveals the 4 foods to avoid.

The worst foods to avoid for cholesterol stabilization

The cardiologist’s advice actually forbids us to eat hamburgers, spareribs, steak and chops.
In this direction, red meat is not good for your cholesterol level, avoid consuming it.
Therefore, choose seafood instead instead of poultry and red meat.
On the other hand, high-calorie fried foods nor do anything good for your cholesterol.

In particular, cook your potatoes, kale or broccoli until they become crispy to be able to bite into them.
At the same time, you can also use an air fryer to avoid ending up with too much fat.
Moreover, bacon, hot dogs and salami are high in sodium and saturated fat is also carcinogenic.
To complete, industrial biscuits, cakes and pastries very high in calories also contains large amounts of fat.